Is it realistic to hope to provide a comfortable life to every human being in the world?

  • We could do that much.

    Yes, it is realistic to hope to provide a comfortable life to every human being in the world, because we have the resources to do it. There is enough clean water available, we just need to make it available and put filters in places where it is needed. This is possible with some effort.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe it is realistic to hope to provide a comfortable life to every human being in the world. I think it is important to remember that there are many people in the world who don't live to the same standards Americans do and they are often times quite comfortable. Just because we are use to plenty and generally waste, doesn't mean all communities in the world are like that.

  • Science will help.

    Yes it is possible, but it will take world wide Communism and Socialism. ( Here comes the Capitalists.. )
    Science will make our technology better, getting us more and more resources, allowing everyone to life a comfortable life.

    Without poor there isn't Rich, so lets all be middle. Life should be fair, not based if you are born into a Rich family or not.

  • No, it's not realistic for every human being to have a comfortable life.

    I do not think that it is a realistic hope for every human being on the planet to have a comfortable life. There is just no way that every single person to have a life that is without major problems and challenges. The world cannot operate on that level and idea.

  • Not realistic, but by trying we may end up with as many people having a good life as possible.

    It's not realistic that we're ever going to have total equality and comfort. It it realistic that we will have possibly equal rights but to say that there's any way that we can make everyone happy is like saying that we can make everyone sad. It just won't happen. Period.

  • No, this is not realistic.

    Hoping for a comfortable life for every human being is unrealistic. Many people deserve to go to prison for their crimes. Society does not have enough money to waste to pay for them to live comfortable lives in prison. Some people refuse to work and just sit around. There is no way for their life to be comfortable because they will always be broke.

  • It is very unrealistic.

    That doesn't mean that people should abandon the principle of charity or stop volunteering their time to those less fortunate than the. It simply mean we need an alternative method of charity to forced wealth redistribution.

    One thing we can guarantee is equal protection of individual rights. That is not a pipe-dream, it is well within our grasp and it should have happened long ago.

    Posted by: Tink
  • No not really.

    It is unrealistic to hope to provide comfortable life to every human being in the world. It is way too many people to try and reach out too and it just is not possible to achieve. I think it is more realistic to aim to help people in smaller areas.

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