Is it really financially impossible for Mothers to be Stay at Home Mom's nowadays?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
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  • Our Liberal Society is why it's looked down upon.

    For centuries Mothers were able to Stay at Home while her Husband provided for the Family and Families got by. But all of sudden being a Stay at Home Mom has become a taboo because society . My Future Wife wants to be a Stay at Home Mom and wants to be a Stay at Home Mom while substituting teaching sometimes. My friend's Wife want's to be a Stay at Home Mom

  • No it is not.

    But you better have a good salary. This is actually best for the children, especially you don't want them to be raised by somebody else or the school system. Not much more to say on that subject so I will waist the last few words saying nothing really important .

  • Of course not.

    I am a public school teacher. My wife stays home with our baby girl. We have 3 paid off vehicles, we own our home, we have zero debt (except the home), and we put away 10% of each paycheck to retirement. It's called "living within your means." Having one parent stay at home (mom or dad) is the optimal way to raise a family, and if anyone wants to do it, there is no reason at all to feel bad about it...

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