• Founding Fathers Supported History Education

    The preamble of the United States Constitution states that one of the reasons that our government exists is to “promote the general welfare” of the people in this country. This phrase has been interpreted by various judges to mean that the government of this country has a civic duty to provide “free and appropriate education” to all children in our nation. The Founding Fathers realized that in order for a Federal Republic to work our country needed intelligent citizens to make proper decisions to guide the nation. Knowing how our country was founded, the world it developed in, and where we are today will help American citizens make well founded and guided decisions for the future. Creating an enlightened citizenry so they can elect intelligent leaders is the essence of the American Education System. I could argue that this is more important than any advanced Math, Science, or English course. The sad part is Federal and State education mandates and high stakes testing are slowly eroding the value, time, and emphasis placed on history courses. History is quickly becoming a “meaningless and trivial” second rate subject and is being forced to the backseat in American High Schools. This intrusion into history classrooms is going to create a generation of unintelligent, uninformed, and unpatriotic citizens who are going to quickly lead this country down the wrong path.

  • If we do not know our history we will repeat it

    Yes, it is really important to study history. When we understand and know our history we are more likely not to make the mistakes that we made in the past and we will mirror what worked. As a whole if we look back on our lives we can see the same mistakes that our parents made come to pass here in the future because as children we refuse to listen to past lessons learned.

  • Yes it is

    If we don't study history we would never know what to expect from other countries. If we don't study history we would never see what is getting ready to occur to us, because they say that history will repeat its self if not right away but eventually it always repeats.

  • We learn from mistakes.

    Yes, it is important to study history, because it is important not to repeat our mistakes. In history, leaders and societies have made mistakes. There is no need for us to implement the same social or economic policies that are only going to lead to ruin. The Fall of Rome is one good example.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe it is really important to study history. Many things that are happening in today's world are directly linked to things that have happened in the past. In order to understand the world of today you must understand the past as well. History is vitally important for many reasons.

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