Is it really necessary to get married to have a healthy and loving relationship?

  • Yes, it is necessary to get married to have a healthy and loving relationship.

    I believe that it is really necessary to get married to have a healthy and loving relationship. Marriage is an institution and a promise between two people to stick together through thick and thin for the rest of their lives. If people aren't married there is no commitment and relationships just come and go. Marriage is needed to have a long-term relationship.

  • What is healthy and loving???

    Does healthy and loving mean getting along or does it mean moral. If healthy means moral and God honoring than yes you should be married. If you view loving as simply getting along having good sex and so forth I believe you are missing out on an important and intense part of a relationship which is a real (NOT SUDO) spiritual connection that only comes when in a covenant relationship with God and your spouse.

  • Question is very vaguely defined, but Yes.

    If you mean: "Is it necessary for the Church or the Government to put an official stamp of approval on the relationship I intend to keep for a long time for it to be healthy and happy?" Then the answer is clearly no. If you mean: "In general, do men and women require long term stable partnerships to happy and healthy?" Then the answer is yes. I'm not certain, but I suspect that you can see this whenever they conduct happiness research and like surveys. Married people tend to be happier. Happiness leads to less stress and more health. Married men live several years longer than single men. Though you'll find various "single" blogs decrying this, the wealth of study's is with the marrieds.

    Similar research exists for women. If happier people are more healthy, my money's on them being more loving as well, though I'm not aware of any research that proves it.

  • Being with boy or men is like being in hell.

    Men doesn't keep a women happy, because he always think about his happiness which leads to hell for women. Totally we were not happy and also not safe with men's family like mother, father. Because they wont treat us like their child, instead of that they will be thinking that we are enemy of them, being close to their son.

  • Its a gamble

    It is not necessary to get married especially if you really DONT want to. It is quiet easy to get into such relationship for the sake of others, but very hard to remain because it is a compromise on behalf ofothers, not you personal choice. If you get the person you want then it may seem good as ur responsible for the decision, but inother case no onecome forward to take the responsibility of rotten relationship. It is a compromise and a gamble, of course, although a way out of it is divorce, but that too is now compllicated as whole responsibility is put on the shoulders of woman. One should not consider anyone's pressure while getting married because i have seen live examples ofpeople who get married under pressure andthen turn out as a victim of unhappy relationship. Marriage is lifetime commitment so serious thought is required. It is said " it is better to be alone than being with a person you feel alone and insecure." good luck to people who want to get married.

    Posted by: kjay
  • If you don't feel like doing it, by all means, don't destroy the other person's life...........

    I, with all my knowledge (which is not much), support anyone who wishes to get married.
    But those who are 'confused' or don't think they can do it and still do it due to parents' pressure, GF's pressure or under anyone's influence are doing the biggest mistake, no, biggest crime of their lives.
    If you cant do it. DO NOT DO IT. It is not just you whose life will be affected.

  • Marriage is nothing

    But a compulsion to and end of independence. If there is love, care and emotions towards one another, then what is the need to give it some religious or social sanctity. It is a general human tendency that anything he is made to be done out of compulsions is not that of an enjoyment if it is done with a free will. Marriage is also a social bondage which curtails all your freedom and compels you to follow a social structure, whether you like it or not

  • Marriage is nothing but a piece of paper

    There are a number of couples in healthy and loving relationships who are not married just as there are a number of married couples whose relationship is not healthy and loving (think about domestic violence, as an extreme). Marriage is no guarantee of love: for centuries couples got married for financial reasons and in some instances still do. A marriage is a contract. I allow that marriage may be necessary in some countries to facilitate the relationship (e.G. Tax breaks etc.) but where I live (Australia) de-facto couples have the same rights as married couples. Some marriages last even less than a non-marriage, cohabitation based relationship, so there is evidence that marriage is not necessary. Some couples may feel pressured by the community they are a part of to get married (e.G. Parents' or religious leaders' beliefs) but at the end of the day, stigma aside, a couple does not not need marriage. I see marriage as a celebration or public demonstration of your love, a RESULT of your love. It is not the REASON for your love. For this reason, although I do not think marriages are necessary, I still believe that couples of any sexual orientation ought to have a right to get married. However getting married is no duty. It is no obligation, no requirement for a happy life as a couple.

  • No it is not.

    Marriage does not mean a healthy and loving relationship. There are in fact many people who are married who do not even have this, and instead are imprisoned in an unhappy marriage that is even more difficult to get out of. A relationship before marriage is always best to tell whether or not that person is the one for you. It is better to be happy, healthy, and loved with another before a marriage than to be tangled in one. There are many long lasting healthy relationships that are successful and have not even thought of the term marriage.

  • Technically not

    While on the balance I would say that those who get married tend to have more healthy and loving relationships, it may just be a correlation/causation fallacy. Irregardlessly, it is technically possible that two people could have a healthy and loving relationship without getting married.

  • No, it is not necessary to get married to have a healthy and loving relationship.

    A healthy and loving relationship comes from the two people in the relationship. It has nothing to do with a marriage certificate. Most people now live with each other before getting married. In most states after six months they are considered legally married. A piece of paper is for those who need it to feel extra secure in the relationship.

    Posted by: DistinctJamar63
  • Many people enjoy healthy and loving relationships without the benefit of marriage and see marriage as merely a legal contract or religious obligation.

    A good relationship is based on the compatibility and love of two people not on the papers that they sign or the ceremonies in which they participate. Many people choose to live happily and healthily unmarried for years before they "make it official," if ever. Marriage can have some legal and tax benefits. It can also serve to fulfill a religious requirement or ease social or family pressure. However, people can live happily together without it.

    Posted by: FriendlyLynn

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