Is it really necessary to include special keyboard characters if you want to avoid password hacking?

  • Yes it is important to use special keyboard characters.

    It has been reported that the more difficult one makes their password and the more their passwords differ from one another, the harder it may be for someone to hack your accounts. The adding of special characters to your password I imagine would make it harder to encrypt then using numbers and letters.

  • Computer experts recommend special characters be used in passwords

    One of the basic recommendations by cybersecurity experts is that passwords contain special characters like exclamation points and question marks. This is based on a great deal of research and specialized knowledge in the field. While lay people might question this necessity, the experts are in broad agreement. One must remember that the most popular password in America is 123456, so clearly most people are not thinking very hard about the security of their computers.

  • Use randomness only

    A strong password is a random string of information. The randomness of this string depends on two things. The length and the size of the character set. If you don't like to use weird characters like I do, because they are inconvenient to type on a mobile phone, you just use a bit longer password and it is equally secure.

  • No, I don't think it's necessary to include special keyboard characters if you want to avoid password hacking.

    I think the best way to prevent password hacking is to make sure that the password you have inputted does not follow any sort of pattern or any sort of common name at all, I don't think it makes much of a difference if you add special characters or not just make it very difficult/impossible to guess overall.

  • it is not

    No, you can make a safe key board pass word with out having any type of special character in it. I think that having a really hard pass word does help bun not to the extent where you can not still get it all hacked by some other person one day.

  • no, it isn't.

    This is just a precaution taken by websites in order to do battle against hackers. But the only thing you really need is a mixture of numbers and letters and 8 characters or more. You do that, there is virtually no way your password will be guessed by anyone, or hacked.

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