Is it reasonable for someone to oppose abortion and simultaneously support capital punishment?

  • Justice for the innocent

    Abortion takes the life of someone innocent, someone who has done nothing wrong except exist.
    The death penalty takes the life of someone guilty, someone who had the gall to take an innocent person's life. What the death penalty actually says is that the innocent victim's life is so valuable the only thing which equals it is another human life--not life in prison, not a couple years in jail and parole, not money.

  • Guilt vs. Innocence

    The title pretty much says it all. Unborn children are innocent. However, I would support the re-institution of slavery as an alternative to the death penalty depending upon the wishes of the victims family. A murder who has inflicted pain and suffering upon victims and their families should not be exempt from the justly-deserved consequences of their actions.

  • It is reasonable for someone to oppose abortion and, simultaneously, support capital punishment, because both are about protecting innocent lives.

    It is reasonable for someone to oppose abortion and, simultaneously, support capital punishment, because abortion opposition is about protecting innocent lives, and support for capital punishment is about protecting innocent lives. While capital punishment may not act as a deterrent to crime, capital punishment definitely prevents the criminal from repeating their offense.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • It is reasonable for someone to oppose abortion and support capital punishment, because they are two very different things.

    It is quite understandable and reasonable for someone to oppose abortion and also support capital punishment, because the two situations are very different. With abortion, it is the killing of an innocent unborn child that has done nothing wrong. With capital punishment, it is killing someone who has murdered, shows no remorse in doing so, and would obviously do it again, if given the chance

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Abortion primarily affects the life of the mother and is not a punishment, while crimes affect many people and appropriate punishment is needed.

    Taking a practical and non-religious approach, I view abortion as a personal subject, affecting a woman only. The ability to obtain an abortion is not akin to a punishment. However, in the cases of rape, a child you are not prepared to raise, or having knowledge that you are carrying a child whose congenital defects are incompatible with life, bearing that child could be considered punishment, for the mother and the child. Abortion is a vital health care right, and should not be seen as a governmental issue. Crime, and the need for capital punishment, are public issues. Those crimes that warrant the death penalty, such as brutal murders, rapes, and cases of mass brutality, affect the safety of a community, as well as the lives of the people who live in it. The victims of a crime such as that are never the only victims of it. As long as there are criminals who commit crimes that make it unsafe to live in a society, there needs to be a mode of punishment that removes them from that society.

    Posted by: 5h4d35CeII
  • I agree that it's reasonable for someone to support capital punishment and not abortion, because a fetus is an innocent victim.

    A person that murders another human being in cold blood deserves to die. An innocent unborn baby never hurt anyone, and his fate is being decided based on a perceived future of inconvenience, or in rare cases, quality of life or emotional turmoil due to defect or rape (all subjective and unknown outcomes). Capital punishment is about meting out an eye for an eye. It's about justice for the victim's family, and about keeping the rest of society (including other inmates) safe from harm.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • While it may be permissible to kill a human guilty of a capital crime, fetuses may be classified as innocent human beings.

    If a fetus is a person, someone might conceivably be anti-abortion and pro-death penalty. This is not my opinion, but it is a logically consistent one. A person facing the death penalty is guilty of a terrible crime, assuming the court has done its job. If a fetus is a person, it's presumably an innocent one, and so would not deserve death at another human's hands.

    Posted by: P3ytMj
  • I definitely agree that it is reasonable for someone to oppose abortion and support capital punishment, because in my eyes they are totally different issues.

    I am for both a woman's choice and capital punishment, but I do distinguish the two as totally different issues. Capital punishment is exactly that, a "punishment". In the eyes of right-to-lifers, the fetus has done nothing and does not deserve to be punished for anything. In my mind, to lump abortion and capital punishment into the same category is ludicrous.

    Posted by: KerbyLuv
  • I agree because Christians base their belief on the Bible and that is where this belief comes from.

    In the Bible, God does say that if you murder someone you should be killed also. The Bible also specifically prohibits the murdering of babies and young children. Therefore, it is logical that a Christian would support capital punishment but oppose abortion. Since they are using the Bible as their guideline for morality, they are simply following the rules.

    Posted by: 54bIinkDrugi
  • I believe it is reasonable to support the death penalty while opposing abortion.

    The death penalty is a punishment, given to those who have committed heinous crimes. It is not taking life for matters of convenience, or personal gain, or financial issues. The two ideas are not even reasonably comparable, since abortion is taking a life that has never made a choice, and is not even responsible for its own existence. In short, the death penalty is a consequence of the choices of the person being killed, abortion is not.

    Posted by: TwistLowe
  • The reasons for abortion, which is a personal choice, and for the death penalty, which is a just punishment for a heinous crime, are completely different, and are not comparable.

    Abortion is a personal choice and can be based on many reasons, such as the mother's health, a rape, or many other personal situations. The death penalty is a just punishment that is given for killing another human being. The death penalty is not given lightly, and someone must have done something very horrible to have earned it.

    Posted by: DaffyRosario43
  • I think saying your pro-life and pro capital punishment is very contradictory to most pro-lifers' religious beliefs.

    One of the things I never understood about so many people who say they are pro-life is that they also support capital punishment. Their argument is usually along the lines of an unborn child being innocent, and those deserving of capital punishment are guilty. Aside from the fact that this goes against the religious belief that only God should judge others, there is also the very real possibility that there could be mistakes made in convicting the wrong person of a crime. There's no rescinding capital punishment. I don't believe it is worth the risk to take away someone's life.

    Posted by: TrainLock
  • The bible is what allows some people to argue against abortion and support capital punishment, but this country wasn't founded on the bible.

    This country was founded on freedom and right to have choice, including choice of religion. The bible teaches that every life is sacred while it also teaches an "eye-for-an-eye" belief system. This is absurd. I support capital punishment but for completely different reasons. I also support abortion for it's right of choice. It allows those who know that they are not capable of supporting a child emotionally or economically a choice to ruin a life. The argument is for adoption, to put the child up for adoption. These people apparently have no knowledge about the ten of thousands of children already living in American orphanages and will never be adopted. Choice and freedom are the foundations of America, not the beliefs of only one religion.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • Pro-life

    No, because all life is sacred. We do not have the right to take anyone's life, except in self-defense. Neither abortion nor the death penalty fall into the category of self-defense, regardless of what pro-abortion propaganda would try to force us to believe.

  • No, it is not reasonably because killing is killing.

    I understand there is a difference between a baby who has no choice and an adult who chose to commit crimes, but killing is killing. It's wrong, in all cases. There is no justification for it. We aren't God, let God judge when death comes. We can punish, sure. You don't kill to prove that killing is wrong. I think it's hypocritical for someone to be against abortion and for capital punishment.

    Posted by: R34d3Homey
  • I oppose the death penalty, because innocent people have been killed, because of it.

    I oppose the death penalty, because it will keep innocent people from being executed. No one can come back from death, whereas they can be freed from prison if new evidence points to their innocence. Also, the death penalty ends up costing more money than life in prison, because of all the appeals that must be heard.

    Posted by: labusy
  • Who are we to judge?

    It is cheaper and just as effective to sentence violent criminals to life in prison than to proceed with capital punishment. Furthermore, is our system of justice perfect? Has any innocent person ever been executed? If so, would not the basic argument against abortion, that it takes innocent lives, also apply to our system of capital punishment? And war for that matter? Any human institution whose purpose is to kill, will inevitably take innocent lives. It takes great moral strength to face a murderer and not seek retribution. Hopefully some day our society will mature to that point.

  • One is an actual human person

    I have mixed feelings about all of this but I certainly believe that ending the beginning of a gestation of an unformed, multi-celled living but not really yet human thing is one thing, but it's quite another to take the life of a real, actual, existing human person with feelings and thoughts. It is of course much more complex than that. There are varying factors to consider including how far the formation has come. Or what a person has done to be on death row. I just think it's very hypocritical to support the death of actual living people, and (assuming it's not far along) oppose the ending of something that never developed into a person at all.

  • If life is sacred, all life should be

    If the argument is that all life is sacred, it should apply to all. Just because someone is guilty of capital crime does not give other the right to play God and exact punishment on the guilty. It doesn't make sense to oppose abortion because "life is sacred" and then turn around and execute someone for their crimes. What gives people to right to punish anyone by killing them?

  • The two issues are not related. It's not reasonable to hold either view.

    An unborn human depends on its Mother for life. It is human but not a human being. A human being is free and lives outside of other human beings. An abortion is not the death of a human being, it is the life and freedom of the mother carrying the embryo. No one should deny the mother this freedom. Whether or not you think that the death penalty is a good idea has nothing to do with this, although some consistency in the application of "pro life" would make sense.

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friendy says2013-12-01T09:25:14.303
You cannot logically be pro life and support the death penalty. It is either one or the other. You religious right see the bible as a flexible tool which you can change at any time to suit your arguement. Pro life refers to pro life. That is supporting all forms of life. When did you become judge and jury to then throw your support behind the death penalty. I would have thought the religious right would take a stand to preserve the life of any person regardless of the crime they have committed. Remember pro life is about inclusivity. Being inclusive is being able to accept everyone.