Is it reasonable that LGBT Ativisits compare same-sex marriage rights to the black civil rights movement?

Asked by: Blockeus
  • They are Very similar

    Of course it is reasonable. Being Gay like being black is no choice, and discrimination against someone based on what you cannot choose to be is exactly what both issues are based on. Sexual orientation and race has been and is still being used to treat people differently throughout the world.

    The issue with inclusive marriage is the same. In the past, you could not have an inter-racial marriage, just like (now in the past) you could not have a same sex marriage. All due to discrimination based on something that you cannot control.

  • The Similarities Are Striking

    The issue isn't WHY groups of individuals are being marginalized and prejudiced against; it's the very fact that they are in the first place that is the injustice. Whether this prejudice stems from racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. whatever the case may be, it is still a violation of basic civil rights. There are many states that allow for gays to simply be thrown out of stores and restaurants and even to be fired from a job for no other reason than that they are gay. Once upon a time, we also allowed this sort of thing to happen to blacks, who could also be kicked out of public buildings or handed a pink slip simply for being black. When you compare the two, the similarities between the prejudice we allowed to be forced upon blacks in the past and the prejudice we currently allow people to force onto homosexuals, the parallels are impossible to ignore.

  • This is a Tricky One!

    The problem with comparing the two issues is that one has a massive genocide in it’s history, while the other doesn’t. In that regard, there is no way possible that the LGBT movement will ever equate. However, if you were to compare the literal civil rights movements from the 60s and onwards, you’ll find there are more similarities than you’d would expect. The issue here is that most people think the LGBT Civil Rights movement only relates to marriage. That is wrong. For nearly two decades, we were fighting for the right to be homosexual. I’d like to remind people that until 1962, homosexuality was illegal in the United States. That was changed when Illinois dismantled the ban that year. However, the rest of country took at least 9 years to do the same. Texas didn’t until 2003. Beyond that, if one were to look at the protests, the courtroom drama, and the overall effect on two minorities of society, the civil rights movements are indeed quite similar. The idea behind it is at all has to deal with the government not recognizing the basic human rights of it’s people.

  • It is not.

    LGBT people have the same rights as the rest of us. They did even prior to the Supreme Court decision. They had the right to marry someone of the opposite gender. Although they could not marry someone of the same gender, neither could any straight person.

    On the other hand, black men and women had a lack of rights that everyone else had. They were separated unfairly from society by keeping from them what others were granted.

  • No, they are completely different

    No, it's wrong of the LGBT community to belittle the black civil rights movement that way. The civil rights movement was about basic human rights that the black community wasn't receiving. They were viewed as less than human beings.
    That is not the case with the LGBT community. They have common human rights already. I don't believe that the our human rights state anything regarding marriage.
    In the end, the LGBT community is fighting to have a very narrow area of law changed whereas the black community was fighting for it's right to be seen as a human being. Completely different situations and it's incredibly rude for LGBT's to even attempt to make that comparison.

  • This shouldn't be a question

    Well straight people aren't allowed to marry other straight men either so i fail to see how they don't have the same rights. The difference between whites and blacks were actually there. Example that white people could kill black slaves and their was nothing wrong with that. I don't know of any straight man who has blatantly gotten away with killing a gay person so safe to say no.

  • Race and sexuality are different.

    There's no genes directly related to homosexuality or anything, it's likely not genetic. The Spartans for example, a lot of them were homosexual due to the culture. It's not really as genetic, race on the other hand is. The causes of 'unusual' sexuality isn't known, but it's certainly not as genetic as race is. It would be stupid to argue that race isn't genetic. I support legalization of same-sex marriage, and I have no issue with transgenders. However, it's certainly nowhere near comparable to race.

  • As a strong gay rights supporter - it's just not like that

    Black people had (and in many ways) still have no defense. They didn't have essential rights (that gay people always had), they couldn't go to a court and get a bill passed, they couldn't be 'in the closet' as a defense, the fight was longer, tougher, costed more lives and is still being fought in many places. It's not the same and it's disingenuous to people like Malcolm X who were threatened, hunted, insulted, forced to segregate, etc. etc.

  • It's not reasonable to compare samisen marriage rights movement to civil rights movements.

    It's not right, because when your are comparing the IDEALOGY of being gay to the fighting for rights to live equally because of your skin color; you are comparing a Developed idealogy to a immutable trait (Skin color) .
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