Is it reasonable to force a child who does not believe or wish to believe in a god or a religion to have to pray and have religious education at school?

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Is it reasonable to force a child who does not believe or wish to believe in a god or a religion to have to pray and have religious education at school?
  • Look at the writing on the wall, then take a look at he writing in you Bible

    The more l we take religion out of society, the more it downgrades. Imagine what our great grandparents would say if we told them a 12 year old walked into a school and shot 13 people with a gun. What would they say if the say a nicki minaj video. What dont need to be concerned about taming out schools, we need to tame our media. Most houses these days have two parents that work, and that media stream in going straight into our childrens brains...Yet we get up in arms about God being taught to them. And yes people, God's concepts , just like everything else, need to be taught. Would you expect your 8 year old to one day automatically have an information transfusion and be able to speak french? No. God IS taught. Like other things that have a large scale meaning and impact. We would we deny this from our kid's. Because they don't believe it? I didn't believe in cleaning my room, I didn't believe in not smoking cigarettes, I didn't believe in not smoking pot. I bet I can gather everyone who is HIV positive, and they wish like hell that they believed in practicing safe sex. Religion, just like other educational subjects, should start when a child's brain is starting to develop, and continue on like other subjects If you want to talk about what they shouldn't be exposed to, let's get about 120 pieces of paper and start a real "no-go list"

  • Prayer does not need to be religious

    Prayer is positive for everyone, whether or not you are religious. It helps you to focus your thoughts and feelings. Children will be taught many things in their lives and they will either choose to believe them or not. Prayer is no different, its good that a child experiences it and then they can make the decision for themselves if they want to continue with it or not.

    Not teaching children anything about religion so they can't make their own informed decision on what they believe is just as bad as forcing them to believe something.

  • The OP is vague

    However, I am assuming you are asking about religious schools doing this, as I am unaware that public schools did this en masse. But, yes, if you attend a religious school, you follow their rules. The question should be whether or not the parents should place the child in such a school, not if the school should do what it thinks right.

  • It's not just unreasonable, it's unconstitutional.

    The Establishment Clause of our Constitution prevents government endorsement or establishment of religion, and our First Amendment guarantees the freedom of religion. How can these things occur if schools force children to pray or have religious education against their will in a public school?

    And who gets to decide which religion gets shoved on these poor children? Does the majority simply get to trample on the minority? Even then, there are 40,000 denominations of Christianity, many of whom disagree on major points of doctrine. So what narrow view gets shoved down our throats while everyone else suffers?

  • This is not right

    And unfortunately there are still parents who force feed there kids this garbage , it's a form of mental abuse to try and make any child believe in these fairytales .Why not bar then .Any religious education of any sort and let kids make there own minds up when they reach maturity, I bet very few of them would swallow this garbage

  • This is ridiculous

    Forcing a child to pray is not going to make them a believer. Does it not say in most religions that if you pray without genuinely believing; you are basically lying? Wouldn't forcing your child to lie not only send them to hell but you as well? No one thought this one through...

  • Freedom of choice

    The child shouldn't be forced to believe in something they haven't seen. We youngsters have always believed seeing is believing and if we don't see how are we expected to believe and have faith? If something happens that we wished wouldn't happen or pray wouldn't happen then our faith is lost. Therefore we should go only if we truly believe in God.

  • Its pointless to do that

    The fact that most schools these days are made up of children from many backgrounds and cultures, so why should they be force to take part in religious prayers and events that they don't believe in. Religion is a personal choice and I feel that school is not the best place for religious education, that should be down to the child's family to take care of. The time wasted on religious stuff could be better spent on other educational pursuits.

  • This is just ridiculous

    How can you justify this?
    Sure, a nation must be traditional and teach it's religion, but making children go against their God?And remember, other religions don't even have confession. So they can't erase this sin.
    How would you like it if you were a Christian in exile in Saudi Arabia being forced to play to Allah>Wouldn't be nice, would it?

  • They are their own people

    Children as with anyone have the right to believe what ever they want. It's called individuality which is another thing that schools teach us.
    Religion in a personal way should only be taught by the parents or by whatever church or place of worship they go to. While it is important to have an idea on the various religions that exist, making a child pray is not going to do anything. They don't want to pray, are not taking it seriously or they are just pretending is pointless. While it make the school feel better about itself the kids just waiting for it to be over so they can get on with their day

  • Violation of religious freedom.

    The entire point of legal 'freedom of religion' is to protect the rights of individuals to hold whatever beliefs, or lack thereof, that they wish to, and to protect them from coercion or force that would conspire to force them to believe other than they wish to. It is not designed to 'protect' the 'rights' of religious organizations or individuals to force others to share their specific beliefs. Forcing *anyone* to have to undertake religious activities that they do not wish to is a violation of their basic rights. No parent or school has any kind of 'right' to take away the religious freedom of children for no greater reason than it being part of *their* specific religion to do so.

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