Is it reasonable to strongly believe in a specific deity?

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  • If God didn't make us, why would he give us the ability to believe?

    If God didn't make me, you, my friends and my enemies, why would he give us the ability to believe in other deities or him or not at all. Even if there wasn't a god, you are still born with the right to believe in whatever you want. It's a human right you are born with and it can't be taken away by anyone.

  • It is most reasonable

    It is more reasonable to believe that someone created us than to believe that "nothing" created us. How can there be "nothing" and then all of a sudden "puff" we have something? How could "nothing" have even existed when "nothing" does not exist? That never happened and anyone believing that is the most unreasonable.

  • Yes it can.

    You see when the first people came, they were interested in knowing why stuff exists in a certain way: people didnt have lots of science so they choose to believe in God and create civilizations based on their belief in a certain diety or man dieties. All in all, you can't prove or disprove a God exists.

  • But of course:

    Is is very reasonable to believe in a specific element. Any school of philosophy that is chosen, whether it be religious, political, epistemology, ontology, or empirical can easily be reasoned for and often it is far better to maintain a singular outlook and stick to it than to produce a skepticism that risks confusing and crossing unlike ideas to meld into a contradiction. Because it's true for all of philosophy the argumentation that goes against this goes against all other aspects of philosophy so it's too broad to be "valid".

  • In the context of a commitment/way of life

    For those individuals that strongly believe in the teachings of a religious tradition, their faith makes complete sense. Furthermore, it is unfair for 'outsiders' (non-religious individuals) to determine how rational or irrational a faith-based belief is as they do not understand the language game/form of life that is practiced within the mindset of religious person who sees the world in 'God-terms'

  • It definitely is not!

    It is not reasonable to strongly believe in a specific deity. There is no evidence that you should believe and possibly worship a specific deity. The evidence you used to rationalize your belief in that deity could be applied to any other god. Why should you believe in that one specific form of "God", and why not another?

  • Yeah, in a way it is

    I was raised by parents that always took me to church every Sunday. I learned almost everything there is to know and a can recall most of the stories. One day though, I realized something, there are hundreds of different religions with thousands of different gods. What makes mine better than all of the others. Why are all of the other religions nonsense while mine is superior. There is no way to prove that mine or any other is the most likely. Then I made the conclusion that all of it is nonsense. If you believe in a religion then you obviously are not thinking hard enough. For example, back in the time of ancient Egypt, the people thought their pharaohs were gods. Now we disclaim that as nonsense, but when you think about it, is Christianity or Judaism or Islam any more practical. Who's to say people in the future don't look back on us and think our religions are nonsense.

  • Absolutely not. Word

    Choosing to believe in just one of thousands of gods gives you less than a .1 percent chance of being right. Because of the contradictions with religions more than 99.9 percent of people who believe in a specific god are wrong. So it is retarded to just pick whatever god everyone else around you believes in and say hes the one true god.

  • If you are operating purely on faith you are not being reasonable. Without proof you don't have reason.

    It would be illogical to simply believe something just because it comforts you. Why would there be a God? What purpose would it serve? Are all the "rules" really fair?! Just because I don't go to church I deserve to go to Hell? I could volunteer and be a doctor but because I don't go to church I go to Hell?

  • No it is not reasonable

    Reason is not needed to believe in any god or gods. All you need to do is surrender you reason and logic to faith. The truth of the existence of some god cannot be defended to a skeptical nonbeliever or freethinker on the basis of faith. It means that faith is not an adequate or reasonable defense of any belief or belief system which purports to have any empirical connection to the reality which we all share. Faith is also an unreliable and irrational basis for singling out one religion and claiming that it is true while all other religions, as well as any competing secular philosophies, are false.

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