Is it right for companies to refuse to hire job candidates because they are overweight?

Asked by: Katforsociety
  • Employers should be able to hire whoever they want to hire

    Employers should be able to hire whoever they want to hire. If a company does not hire someone who they "should have" hired, it's their loss. Why make laws about things of this nature? Even if a company were to reject applications racially, they are the ones who suffer as a result (they lose good employees).

    Of course, being overweight is not an attribute which an employer likes. However, there are many jobs where it doesn't matter if you're fit or not.

  • Low Performers & Lack of Respect

    They have low energy, clearly make poor choices and don't have a handle on their own lives. If they respected themselves then their waste line would represent that. If they don't even respect themselves, why should a company trust that the job candidate would respect their values. Plus, obese people need some kind of motivation to be healthier-they cost all of us money with their diabetes and heart disease.

  • Yes because you need what looks good.

    You own a very nice company and you want to have someone work the front desk. You know this person is going to be viewed by everyone that walks into your company and that from that they can judge what they think. Two ladies come in for the interview for the job. They both have the same school experience ect but the big difference is one is slim and looks very fit and the other is overweight. Both have nice personalities and you yourself don't mind, but who is it you chose? Besides physical appearance there are other issues, health issues. Over weight people have more health issues, sorry but it is that way. If a company wants someone who can work hard long hours and keep it up the obvious choice would be the person who is fit.

  • It should be

    In my country it is against the law to not hire so,done because they are overweight, but you can just make up another reason. The reality is that for many jobs they can not be done as well, successfully or safely if the person doing them is overweight.

    Also the people you hire are the image of your company, especially if your company is related to health or fitness you want people who epitomise that to be on your staff.

  • It is now that ACA is in place

    Two years ago, I would have said discrimination is a hate crime, but now that the Affordable Care Act is in place, so is weight discrimination. Unhealthy people with unhealthy behaviors cause the over all price of Health care to go up. That includes weight, alcohol consumption, smoking, and sun/UV light exposure. I pretty much feel like the ACA is a lifestyle dictating tool that was imposed by the government. But enough of that, poor health habits cause health higher insurance fees and companies should discriminate to hold their bottom line.

  • Yes, If Physical Fitness is a Requirements

    In human resources you can legally refuse to hire a physically unfit applicant if you can prove to the court that the applicant would not reasonably be able perform the work needed and if the job position does actually require the suggested amount of physical fitness. Only under these circumstances can you refuse to hire someone because they are overweight. I believe it is appropriate for a company to refuse to hire someone because they are overweight if they can meet the requirements I explained earlier. It is a simple fact that usually an overweight person generally cannot meet the same physical requirements a physically fit person can (especially in fatigue). Studies have also shown that overweight workers cost employers more money to have employed. Overweight people are generally less healthy than their healthy-weight counterparts so that leads to more sick days. Also, some obese employees can feel discriminated against so that can potentially lead to lawsuits and if he worker is already hired than there is really no way out of that for the employer. Obesity is a detriment to employment and it would be wise to attempt to lose weight are having issues with it.

  • No. Employ-ability should not be affected by physical attributes like weight.

    Many people believe that in order to run a good business, where customer satisfaction is very important, it is essential to have good-looking, healthy staff. I understand this, but I think it is wrong to discriminate against someone due to them being overweight. Aren't the most important things to look for in a prospective employee their qualifications, what they can bring to the company and their people skills? Why should their weight denounce their opportunity of having a worthwhile job? There are many factors contributing towards someone being overweight - perhaps they come from an unprivileged background where it is difficult to afford healthy food, or maybe their lifestyle is busy, with children to bring up - perhaps there isn't enough time for simple things like exercise. Being overweight, to many people, including some naive employers, is an avoidable thing. But maybe it is harder than it looks. Employers should take that into account before jumping to the harsh conclusion that the prospective employee is overweight because they are lazy and unmotivated. This is a stereotype that needs to be changed. Discuss.

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