Is it right for Japan to keep discharging radioactive contaminated water into the ocean, regardless of its current situations?

  • The ocean is the safest place.

    Whether the radioactive material is held, or dumped, it is going to last for the same amount of time before it breaks down (through radioactive decay). The amount that is being dumped is nothing compared to the size of the ocean, and after being diluted through the ocean, the amount that you risk being subjected to when you take a swim is literally less than 1 ppb (part per billion). You risk more radiation posioning from the radioactive material in the smoke detectors in your house (yes, smoke detectors use radioactive material).

  • There are already increased levels of radiation linked to Fukushima along the Pacific Coast of North America.

    Scientists have no idea what effect the radioactive water will have on the ocean species, ocean itself, the coastlines it touches, nor whether it will end up in rain water. It's a huge unknown risk to the planet. There has to be a better, safer solution. The rest of the planet should not be damaged because their nuclear plant was faulty.

  • O, Japan should not be discharging radioactive water into the ocean, because there is no telling where that contaminated water might end up.

    The country, Japan, killed an enormous number of people in World war 2 which was just around 60 years ago. Now, they don't care it may be killing the world people and world's safety by there fault. The Fukushima disaster is not a natural disaster but a man-made one. They knew the plant should be built at least 30ft.(10m) higher than now, but they didn't because saving the cost of construction.
    The prime minister of Japan, Abe, he is going crazy.... Search more!!

  • They have no right to keep discharging radioactive material into the ocean.

    There is some data that shows that the radioactive material from Japan is contaminating the pacific ocean. From that, it is possible to see that they are actually destroying the ocean and the Earth. They are also negatively affecting the countries and people on the pacific ocean. The Japanese government may say that they are okay, because they don't want to lose money and they don't want to take the responsibility. Also, the other countries' government may say it is okay, because it does not directly affect them too much (It may be better for them to keep the situation as it is now). I believe that Japan needs to take responsibility on this situation and do something about it without hiding the facts.

  • It is completely wrong for Japan to keep discharging radioactive contaminate water into the ocean because it affects everything on Earth.

    Japan is a well developed country and it has all the necessary funding to properly handle things. This should include funding for properly disposing radioactive contaminated water. They have no reason to pour it into the ocean especially since this drastically affects every living thing on Earth when they do this.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • It is not right for Japan to continue discharging radioactive contaminated water into the ocean because this affects the ocean across the globe.

    Japan's continued discharge of radioactive contaminated water into the ocean, while understandable due to their current situation is wrong. This affects not only the ocean surrounding Japan but can spread into the oceans worldwide, affecting many endangered species and causing damage that may be totally irreparable. Not to mention, this could render the ocean unusable for swimmers and recreational users. This could also damage wildlife around the ocean or those that survive off of oceanic food. This contaminated water could have effects on every part of our delicate ecosystem.

    Posted by: CompleteJerrod
  • Whatever Japan's current situation is, it doesn't give them the right to contaminate the water.

    This world was given to all nations and all people. How can one nation take it upon themselves to destroy a resource that we all need and use? Radioactive water can potentially threaten other nations. Japan doesn't live in a vacuum, and they should find another responsible way to discard their waste.

    Posted by: TightfistedDanial62
  • Japan should not keep discharging contaminated water into the ocean, as it could have global repercussions.

    Even with all the troubles facing Japan right now, they still need to be globally aware. Discharging contaminated water into the ocean could kill sea life in the area, and spread beyond Japan's waters. This could lead to other fish getting sick and people eating those fish, while becoming sick themselves.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • No, Japan should not be discharging radioactive water into the ocean, because there is no telling where that contaminated water might end up.

    We all know the effects of radioactive material, so why do we not take the necessary precautions? The tsunami in Japan was a disaster, and I sympathize with its people. However, dumping radioactive water into the ocean is not a solution. Can you imagine where the material can end up, with all the ocean currents. Another solution needs to be found.

    Posted by: StripperMor

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