Is it right for Jon Venables to be given another identity?

  • Jon should be given a new identity

    He should be given a new identity. How else is he going to get his life together again? This trial is extremely infamous, he would be without a job and in danger under his original name. He deserves a new chance as this because of how young he was when he commited the crime, what 10 year old knows the impact his actions will have at 40? A judge decided on his sentence and he had sat his time. That is how the justice system works. Done is done.
    Yes, the fact that he is on his fourth identity is pretty stupid, but i just don't think he has been guided properly, he obviously still feels guilty and needs to have proper closure.

  • Born to a name

    No, it is not right for any person to swap or be given another identity. When you are born your parents pick out a name for you, that is meant to be what you are called by for the rest of your life, you have no right to change it.

  • Every criminal should have to live with themselves and their names.

    A crime was committed and running behind another name is not going to make things better and creates a clean slate that is not justified. People should know who this person is and what he did in order to put themselves on alert against a guy with his crimes. Giving him a new name may give him a new incentive to go back to his old ways.

  • He should pay for his crime.

    No, it is not right for Jon Venables to be given another identity, because he should spend his life living with the public shame of his actions. Also, if and when he reoffends, we need to be able to acknowledge that he offended before and that the system failed to keep society safe. He needs to be shamed publicly for the rest of his life. He did something terrible.

  • Too much cost to the public

    Venables has already been given four identities to for his protection. He's been in prison for murder and child pornography. Unless the state can find a way to make him pay for another identity, he doesn't deserve it. It is difficult to understand why he was released in the first place, and to think that taxpayers have already borne the cost of his other identities is insane.

  • Jon Venables Should Stay in Jail

    Jon Venables got a release from jail in 2001, but he should stay there longer until he is completely rehabbed. He got a life sentence for a reason and is now allegedly on his fourth new identity. Venables doesn't need another identity, he needs jail and psych meds for the rest of his life for the horrible crime he committed as a kid.

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