Is it Right for People to Slander Dead Veterans ? Such as at Their Own Funeral.

Asked by: dbushwacker
  • Freedom of speech must protect even loathesome speech.

    It is their right, And if they feel this is a way to be heard, It is right, Even if it is loathesome. So long as they obey all relevant laws in their efforts, So be it. Always remember when you wish to curtail a freedom, Act towards your target as if you were your target wishing to curtail YOUR view.

  • These people can go to hell.

    The other day I heard that in Iowa, a religious group of people from Arkansas from all places, went to a veteran's funeral and slandered our veterans as a whole. They were also known to have trampled on the American flag, and that's how it got some national coverage, when the law enforcement arrested one or some of them for trampling the flag ( I haven't confirmed that yet). Of course, they can not be tried for that because according to the supreme court, flag burning and the like is a form of free speech protected under the 1st amendment. But in my opinion, aside from the flag desecration, I believe these guys should burn in hell for not only for slandering a dead hero but also for defying the laws of their own bible.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-06T17:11:27.567
More Gibberish ...
Telling the truth is the opposite of Slander, Libel, Defamation, etc.

Christ said to Love your enemies, not to kill, etc.
Warriors are Antichristians.
THEY'RE the ones who are violating the Bibles' rules.
Who wants to Glorify & Honor Mass Destroyers & Murderers?
dbushwacker says2014-12-07T02:25:48.593
Then you my friend are a fool,
would you justify that no one should do anything, is it not less godly to allow the meaningless loss of some many innocent lives
Given, you may feel we have no place going to war ,but there is no excuse to label every soldier a murderer.
If you truly wish to make a point then go ahead, vote, but if not then remain the coward you are and leave those whom still have some humanity left in their life to our beliefs.
Why do I even try,I'm just wasting my time after all on people like you.
Go make another black/rape poll with the rest of the scum, you are no longer my fellow american.
dbushwacker says2014-12-07T02:28:50.697
Have you ever studied Christianity throughout the ages, have you not heard of the crusades, pssh. Whatever, like I said, pointless.
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-08T14:17:43.703
I was in the U.S. Army for 6 years, including a year in Vietnam
& over a year in West Germany, not far from the border with Communist East Germany.

I haven't labeled every soldier a murderer.
I stated that Warriors are antichristians, & asked
"Who wants to Glorify & Honor Mass Destroyers & Murderers ? "

I believe that your reference to the Crusades proves my point ...
Christ was a Pacifist.
Even when the Roman soldiers came to arrest him & he believed he was going to be crucified,
he told his own Disciples to put away their swords.