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  • What's their reason?

    It would be easy for the government to argue that spying on the American people is for our own safety but what exactly is it their protecting us from, our beds. The government is watching us because they want keep us from realizing the truth that they are controlling everyone and in the end plan to enslave us all because they desire to have a perfect nation and to put theme selves in the position of what they consider god hood. If you think you have freedom in this country anymore you have already become a slave!

  • No, there are implied Constitutional rights against this.

    The Constitution protects the rights of US citizens against illegal search and seizure. Granted, it was written at a time when no one could conceive of the technology we have today, but using technology to spy on Americans is, in effect, a search, and I would argue it is an illegal one.

  • Government Must Respect Privacy of Its Citizens

    One of the foundations of our system of law and government is that people have a reasonable expectation of privacy and freedom from unreasonable searches. Indiscriminate spying on Americans violates those norms and creates a dangerous precedent which could lead towards constant surveillance. Using technology to perform searches must only take place with a judge's consent.

  • Free Homes in America

    There is no right on the government's behalf to spy on it's citizens. In our Bill of Rights we are guaranteed to have our freedoms, and that includes the freedom from being monitored. The fear and anxiety it can cause to have big brother watching can be too much for people, and they don't deserve it.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe it is right for the government to spy on Americans using technology. The actions of the government have harmed every business involved in technology. I, as a citizen, should have the right to privacy, in my opinion. I feel the government is being far too invasive.

  • No, it's not right.

    I do not believe that it is or will ever be right for the government to spy on an average American with computer technology or in any other way. If some evidence is collected towards a person and it becomes clear that spying on them will help with a matter of national security, then that is a different story.

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