• Yes, I think it is okay for the Pentagon to spy on American people with drones.

    Yes, I think it is okay for the Pentagon to spy on American people with drones if the situation is a matter of national security and lives are at risk. Although allowing the Pentagon to spy on people can be abused, but I think that in extreme cases the Pentagon must do what is necessary to protect the American people.

  • Who needs freedom

    Americans are obsessed with the idea of freedom, when they don't seem to know what freedom is. To me, freedom is the ability to do what you want without being persecuted for it. Drones don't interfere with that, and they keep America safe from the terrorists that seem to dominate conversation. Safety or freedom: your choice, America!

  • Drone use is okay

    The government already spies on us in several ways, it is the way of the modern world and drones are just another way to do it. If you think through history at the way the governement used to spy on people, things were even worse then,. At least drones are a little more transparent.

  • No, quite frankly such a violation of privacy should be unconstitutional.

    Americans have the right to privacy according to an amalgamation of several amendments to the constitution of the United States, as outlined in several Supreme Court decisions. The goal of the Pentagon is presumably to prevent domestic terrorism. The vast vast vast majority of people in the States are not terrorists though. Their privacy should not be violated. We all know that the Pentagon is targeting Muslims or people who may be associated with ISIS, every single terrorist attack I have heard about recently has been from a right-wing extremist (also known as older white men with extreme Christian ideologies) or been conducted in completely unencrypted ways by ISIS militants. How would drones assist the Pentagon in detecting things that are basically random, in the case of right-wingers, or already poorly concealed. A more effective method of fighting terrorism would be for us to not take it so seriously! The whole point of terrorism is to make us afraid! Now not only are we afraid of terrorists, an overreacting about it, but we are also afraid of our own government. They're flying drones above us? Spying on us? That is like something right out of George Orwell's 1984. Don't let the terrorists win. Stop drone surveillance by the Pentagon.

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