• Yes, but one always needs to measure the effect.

    Of course it is true that sometimes one has to act according to his or her moral compass even if that adversely affects other people. However, part of making a moral decision has to do with the impact it will have on other individuals, so that should be at least taken into account.

  • It would be absurd if your morals did not affect others.

    I choose not to steal - this is a moral decision and it affects others.
    I often ignore speed limits - it is a moral decision that might affect others.
    I choose to pay taxes and not try to cheat on them - again moral, but not private in effects

  • No its not

    Everyone has different morals. We really need to respect that. For example, i understand that some people may think abortion is wrong and murder. Others dont consider it murder or wrong. Its not fair if your opinion is going to stop a woman from getting a life changing procedure such as an abortion. I'm not a fan of religion and dont think it has a place in society today. Just because i think that doesn't mean others do. Therefore, people should be able to worship, no matter what i think. Just keep your morals out of my life and ill do the same. Its like treating others the way you want to be treated. You go by your morals and i go by mine. Even if ours disagree they wont have affect on the other. I know people dont like it when others morals get in their way so dont put yours in the way of others.

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