Is it right in a democratic state to legally require all citizens to vote?

  • We Americans have been given this right and yet we choose to throw it away!

    Our soldiers have fought for our freedom and yet some Americans, carelessly, throw it away. I can't believe anybody would do this. You might as well just leave because we were not just given it, we had to fight for it. I believe everyone should vote, even if you don't want to, so if we choose somebody that we actually didn't want, then it is our own fault and no one can whine about the choice. Even if you vote carelessly, it is your own fault for doing so. I am finished, please take this into consideration when you are just sitting at home eating a bag of chips, when you could be voting for someone who could help change the world!

  • It Will Screw Up The Process

    In Australia where they have mandatory voting many people vote for the first person in every box and number them in order for those that are ranked.
    People shouldn't be voting randomly and people who are truly uninformed and truly don't care should stay home.

  • No, voting is a right.

    No, voting is a right, not an obligation. A person may choose to not exercise their rights. However, when a person chooses to not exercise their rights, they also forfeit their right to complain about the results. So a person may forfeit their right to vote, but at the same time they also forfeit the right to complain about how poorly the government is executing its job.

    Posted by: VoicelessEmil67
  • No, because one should have the freedom to not vote.

    Telling a citizen that they must vote goes against all the freedoms we, as a nation, carry. Encouraging people to vote is one thing. But, telling me I have to vote makes our government communistic.

    Posted by: MoaningElroy
  • It is not legally right to make it mandatory for citizens to vote in a democratic state; a democratic state allows its citizens the freedom to vote and this freedom is the foundation of democracy.

    Freedom is the foundation of democracy, and if a democratic states makes it mandatory for citizens to vote then this freedom is taken away. Citizens should be allowed to vote, but it should be a choice that they are allowed to make for themselves. A democratic state offers citizens voting privileges to acquire leadership, but if this leadership then requires citizens to vote then there is not really any democracy at all.

    Posted by: ToyMatt

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