• Yes, you should lose your job if you are high while at work.

    Although pot is now legal in some states, you should still lose your job if your are high at work. Similar to alcohol consumption, which is legal in all states, pot consumption can impair reflexes and judgement. I would not want my bus driver, doctor, teacher, or construction worker to be drunk or high while helping me.

  • Yes, it is right that you can lose your job for smoking pot legally.

    Yes, it is right that you can lose your job for smoking pot legally. When you signed your employment contract, it likely had a clause included on what was acceptable and what was not. Just because the government changed the laws, does not mean that your contract automatically changes. You should contact your human resources department and request an updated contract if you want to be able to maintain your job while smoking pot.

  • Not unless they are paying you for every hour you're required not to smoke it

    An employment contract is essentially exchanging money for obedience. If the employer wants your obedience 24/7 and not just for the hours you are at work then you should be paid accordingly. At least minimum wage + overtime pay for all 168 hours of the week.

    If on the other hand the boss just wants to require you not to be high while you are working and doesn't care what you do off the job then I would not say he should have to pay you for a 24/7 employment contract.

  • This is a bad question

    This is a bad question because there is the argument of

    Yes- You aren't allowed to be drunk at work so just the same you should not be getting high at work either it hurts productivity

    No- You are allowed to drink the day before work so why can't you smoke? Either way as long as you're sober at work it should be fine.

  • No, but with some exceptions.

    It is wrong for a boss to fire an employee for smoking weed if he is legally allowed to do so, as long as it does not affect his performance on the job. If the smoking causes him to perform his job in an ineffective manner, it is necessary for him to be fired as he is no longer qualified for the job. Also, if he arrives high to work, that would also be bad. In the same way that you can't get drunk at work, you can't smoke weed there either.

  • No, But It Depends

    Theoretically, if you take the proper steps to use it legally, then there is no problem with it. However, if your employer feels that it could be a liability/hazard/detriment to the company, then they technically have every right to terminate your employment for the sake of the business. If you are using drugs legally, then as long as you can keep it separate from the work atmosphere, there should be no problem. However, I would be very interested to know the specific situation that has inspired this opinion page.

  • No It Is Not

    I think it is wrong that companies are allowed to drug test every employee they hire. If they are in a position that requires it, that should be fine. Those who drive dangerous machinery, fly airplanes, and the such should be tested but smoking pot in the evening isn't going to make a difference for a desk job or a food service job. I'm sick of employers to run people's lives both on and off the clock.

  • No, it's not right that you can lose your job for smoking pot legally.

    For a long time now, federal law has protected workers from discriminatory employment practices based on race, creed, religion, or other such affiliations. Now that smoking marijuana has been legalized in so many states, it remains for the law to catch up to this new development and extend such protections to law abiding, tax paying citizens who just happen to smoke the occasional joint.

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