Is it right to automatically associate choosing not to be a parent with being "lazy" or "irresponsible"?

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  • Parenting is a personal choice.

    I would rather see an individual not become a parent than see a lousy parent. A family requires time, money & personal sacrifice. If an individual cannot juggle that, or doesn't want to do so, it is more responsible to avoid having children. In some cases, even marriage should be avoided. Why? Because marriage requires work. It requires personal sacrifice -- possibly professional sacrifice. Some people are too self-centered for marriage or parenthood. Again, it's a choice. There is no shame in choosing not to do it. But there's a lot of shame & heart-ache in doing either badly.

  • Not at all

    Some one shouldn't be called lazy only because they don't want to be a parent. Certain people have no desire in having a family and are more career driven individuals. Not everyone that doesn't want a family is irresponsible or lazy, sometimes their lifestyle wouldn't allow them to have one.

  • Well of course not:

    There is nothing "lazy" or "irresponsible" about not being a parent. The association has grounds based on social criteria but that criteria itself is not grounded in anything but tradition. If nothing it definitely isn't irresponsible: It is far more irresponsible to have children you do not want than otherwise.

  • Don't jump to conclusions

    It's hardly appropriate to start throwing generalizations at someone based on an individual choice that he/she has made. In this case, if someone chooses not to have children, that's their decision. I personally am leaning towards a childless life. Why is that some people make a big fuss over choices made by other people when it does not directly affect the person who is condemning it?

  • No its not.

    This is not only wrong but illogical. My first point is its wrong to make such associations because its disrespecting someones personal decision. This is also illogical because even without children you have tons of responsibility things like paying bills, taxes, home maintenance, insurance, etc so your not irresponsible far from it.

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