• Ban people who have HIV

    If someone doesn't have HIV then they should be able to donate blood. If they are HIV negative then why should they be discriminated against. Also, it wouldn't work because you don't know who is gay and who is not just by looking at them, so the ban would be just ridiculous and homophobic.

  • Yes

    Yes, it is right to ban gays from donating blood. As long as HIV remains a high risk among gays and drug users, it is only right that gays not be allowed to donate blood. No matter how tightly we screen, test and guard our nation’s blood supplies, tainted blood still gets through. The only logical recourse is to ban donations from the groups that have the highest disease risk. Even though the chance of infection is low, it could still end up being an undeserved life sentence for an innocent person.

  • Outdated Rule That is on the Verge of Discrimination

    This is an outdated regulation that is starting to fall into discrimination. When the HIV/AIDS virus first hit the seen in the 80's this regulation was not only acceptable, but in my opinion very necessary. But now we live in a time in which the gay community is no longer the community in which the virus is the most prominent in. If you do a little research you will quickly learn that the virus is more prominent in males of African dissent. However denying this group of people from donating wouldn't be dared in our society because this group is protected under strong anti-discrimination laws.

    It is time to update America. Healthy blood donations should not be turned down, too many people are in need.

  • It doesn't make sense

    I am a monogamous, Christian individual. That being said I know that the majority of the world does not share in the idea to wait until marriage for sex. So, if you are going to ban gay men/women from donating blood then you should ask EVERYONE about his/her sex life, recreational drug use, alcohol habits etc... Just because you are gay doesn't mean you are promiscuous and just because you are straight doesn't mean you are monogamous. You can't say that gays in this day and age are at higher risk for HIV, because it simply isn't true! Anyone who has recreational sex is at risk for an STD. So, banning gay men or women from donating is just plain stupid. Test the blood and just stick to the normal: have you traveled out of the country? Question to screen for disease.

  • Are you kidding me?

    So being gay automatically bans someone from donating blood. I am positive that even if someone donated blood they CHECK IT after they collect it to make sure the person donating does not have any diseases such as HIV, AIDS, etc.. There are homophobic people out there that will complain that gays should be banned from donating blood BUT AS SOON as a blood type matched someone that they know personally then they will be first in line. I bet plenty of people have gotten "GAY blood" and have no idea that they do.

  • Being "gay" doesn't mean you have HIV

    Or any other blood-transmitted disease... There's no connection. Period. Everyone should be tested for diseases that could be transmitted via blood and needles, regardless of whether they are gay, bi, lesbian, asexual or anything else or in between. How do you even define someone as "gay"? Who are you to know how they feel or what they do in their own personal lives?

  • No, it is not right at all to prevent gays from donating blood

    I would assume that anyone who is in support of banning gays from donating blood is concerned that the blood they donate could be infected with HIV. Any blood that has been donation goes through extensive testing before it is ever given to another person for transfusion. There is no logical reason for this to be a concern.

  • Gay Doesn't Equal HIV

    Equating gays and homosexuals with severe STDs such as HIV and AIDS is a limited concept perpetuated during the 1980s when the disease wasn't understood. Banning gays from giving blood is an insane proposition as long as blood tests come back clean. Everyone, medically speaking, must maintain the same health standards before giving blood whether the person is gay or not.

  • Not at all

    Gay people are just as important to a blood blank as their non gay counterparts, it's very wrong to ban anyone that wants to donate from doing so.

    I don't mean we should not be testing the blood or the people that donate it that's a given though, what's wrong with a homosexual persons blood though ? I sure as heck want some if I need a blood transfusion.

  • Straight men have AIDS too

    I know more Straight men who have AIDS than I know gay men who do. This rule is seriously outdated and they need to just do some better screening. Shouldn't they just ask you to get checked before you donate. Seriously! People can lie, but we don't If men are not going to lie about being gay, then they probably won't lie about the last time they checked themselves.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-17T08:09:53.060
It is not right to ban a homosexual from doing anything a non-homosexual has the freedom to do.