• Yes you can

    As long as you bully them to the same extent that they bully. It may not be the wisest thing to do, But is is perfectly acceptable. I see absolutely no problem with bullying someone who is going to bully others. So, Bully away, And teach them a lesson today!

  • Of course you can

    Its for revenge, Because being bullied by a bully is the worst. But once you bully the bully better than the bully, The bully will stop bullying you or anybody else. But if the teachers caught you bullying the bully, Just bully the bully silently or after school or anytime on the weekends

  • Because u need to bully back

    We believe that bullying a tormenter is right because the bully may be in a situation where they are in them selves so the only way to let it out is do what they felt so thats what makes them bully other people and this leads to self doubt, Depression and suicide to people who gets bullyed so in some cases bullys are stressed or angry but don’t know how to express how they feel. Making some one else suffer with them. Stopbullying. Bullys need a taste of there own medicine and step into some elses shoes. We all just assume bullies are disrespected people and yes we get it they have unpleasant pasts but it doesn't mean we have to pity them.

  • Bullying back is fine to a certain extent.

    Bullying a bully back is fine as long as it’s equal. The bully might have a reason for bullying, But does that mean that we should pity him and not bully back? Should we let him punch us to death so that he can feel better about his stress? I think it’s selfish for him to put his anger on innocent people just to make himself feel better. It is also selfish for us to not help him though, So here’s what I suggest. I think that the bully should go talk to a counselor or psychologist instead. There are also bullies who bully not because of their own adversities, But because of things like race, Skin color, Etc. I think that these bullies deserve a taste of their own medicine. This is one of the ways to change their mindset. It may take more than once, But it’s definitely an ideal solution.
    I think words may be powerful, But there is a limit to which they can change a bully. Remember that “actions speak louder than words” and so if you talked with them and they don’t listen, I think it’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine.
    Now for those that say self-defense would be a better alternative. If a man is about to stab you, Do you continue to let him do so or do you go punch him and disarm him so that he no longer poses a threat. And calling the authorities wouldn’t work because what if he kills you before they get there? If a bully punches you and you self-defense and it works, They will come back next day with a larger punch. This is why going offensive and teaching them a lesson will get them to stop.
    Now it might not solve anything, But the other methods wouldn’t do better. The best way is for the authorities to immediately be there when we need it, But that rarely happens and this is why bullying back is the secondary option.

  • By all means, Yes.

    The only way to stop someone from bullying you is to bully them back in return. And I know this from personal experience.
    I've also learned that trusting authorities to stop someone from bullying you is never the way to go about it, Because they won't do anything about it. If you want something done right, You have to do it yourself.

  • Give the bully a taste of their own medicine.

    I believe that it is right to bully a bully. Let me justify my point. Bullies bully because they are insecure of themselves. They humiliate every one down to improve their social status. They think they have low esteem. They do not realize the pain there are giving physically and emotionally to innocent children. They should be bullied so they should also feel the pain they are giving to others. Its for revenge, Because being bullied by a bully is the worst. But once you bully the bully better than the bully, The bully will stop bullying you or anybody else.

  • Its right to bully a bully

    It is right to bully a bully because if someone gets bullied it can lead to something really terrible, For example suicide and depression and it can really hurt their heart. If you bully a bully the bully can learn what it feels like to be bullied. They can learn their lesson and realize that they did something terrible and stop bullying

  • Absolutely is fine to bully a bully.

    Tit for tat and an eye for an eye. If you think bullying bullies isn't effective, You haven't bullied them hard enough. You need to break some limbs and smash his nose in. I don't need to him to bite the curb but he will get fucked up. Once a bully ends up in hospital, He won't pull the same shit ever again. I once beat the shit out of a kid bullying my cousin. We stole his house key and the bullies little brother cried and called my cousin to ask for the key back. I gave it back because it wasn't personal. I was handling my business. The bully, Guess what? He turned into a church kid, And graduated top of his class. Once a bully's power is taken away, They instantly regret their mistakes. If you are going to say they will become school shooters, Then they were going to become school shooters anyways. There is no link to bullies being shooters.

  • After the sentence is meted out; ensure it doesn't get a resurgence

    Don't let an adversary live. Ever. Because it will return with more lethal weapons to harass and kill you. Ensure it dies and doesn't get up. Appeasement only encourages more bullying. A swift death sentence discourages bullying in all its forms. Ensure the sentence is disproportionate as well; to make an example of the parasite.

  • Yes, Most definitely.

    We live in a world where not striking back (metaphorically or literally) is seen as being above it all. We call it being the bigger person, Turning the other cheek and a host of other nonsensical idioms. It is not the intelligent response. History proves this. In truth, It creates nothing but victims; hurt people trying to make sense of the whys they have no answer for. They carry the hate and turmoil inside. That in turn festers as more hate, Anger, PTSD etc. These things can be carried for a lifetime. There's no vindication, No comeuppance, And it teaches bullies that they can continue with their behaviour with no consequences.

    A telling off or soft talk does nothing. Give the bully a taste of their own medicine.

    It doesn't have to be a continuous or heavy-handed thing (don't become an actual bully) just enough to let them know you won't stand back and let it happen, And just enough that they realise they won't get away with it. Most importantly, Just enough that it will stop.

  • Bullying is wrong; defense is right.

    It is perfectly OK to defend yourself and others from bullies - which is an entirely different thing. I don't suggest giving bullies undeserved love, Though. I just say that it's is both possible and moral to defend against bullies without becoming one yourself. Defend not offend. Read some of what Marc MacYoung says about self-defense.

  • You're being the same as the bully

    Even if the bully bullied you first, You bullying him/her back is still bullying, Which is presumably wrong. For example, You would still be arrested for burglary or theft if you steal from a person that stole your belongings.
    Note: I completely support the right to self-defense if a bully hits you first, Because that is different from revenge.

  • No bully should be bullied

    Keep in mind that most bullies are bully’s because they were once bullied. It can also lead to more stress. Wondering about what the bully is going to do to you next. You could be expelled from school because the bully can frame you. It ain’t nice. TRUST ME! Lol

  • Don’t bully a bully

    If you bully your bully they will either beat you up or you will beat them up unless you stand up for yourself although it might end up the same way you can also be kind to them because when you spread kindness it might have a very positive effect so be always be kind

  • Bullying is useless.

    If you use words to fight back their actions, That will be more powerful. Bullying is just an action that hurts someone, However your main aim is to change the person, Right? Hurtful actions just make the victim feel confused or sadness. You will also be hated not only in schools, But also in the public, Country, Or even the world.

  • Negative cycle of bullying is not helpful

    “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. ” - classic quote.
    Revenge paybacks with bullying against bullies will only make things worse overall, And should only be done once only in the most extreme cases, To make the the bully taste their own medicine. BUT at most only once.
    Stop feeding the unhelpful negative cycle of violence and bullying.

    Better solutions include: report to authorities like teachers or police, And send that bully to re-education camps, Or forcibly expel remove the bully to a different school or environment, To protect the remaining students / people.

  • No because its gay

    Your gay homie and bully is gay dog an don't beat them up because you will become gay as well homie bullying is gay dog homie and dude and if someone is bullying you curse them out peace dog homie man love you no homo tahnks have a great day

  • How are you any better?

    I understand the urge to bully back - believe me, I’ve been there myself. Revenge may feel good in the moment, But ultimately will not work. If you become a bully yourself, Then you are no better than the person bullying you. By all means, Defend yourself, But don’t become a bully. Be a better person and that will help in the long run. You could actually stop the bully from what he/she is doing if you try and reason with them. Some bullies just need kindness. I know some are relentless but be the bigger person. It sucks, But it’s worth it.

  • Turn the other cheek.

    The notion that it’s okay to bully back when you feel like you’re being bullied is exactly why the political world is so nasty right now and it’s setting a bad precedent for society. If a political leader feels they are mistreated or bullied by the media, They bully back. If the media believes the president is being a bully, They feel empowered to bully him back. Around and around it goes. . . Where does it end? The only person you can control is yourself. Don’t believe that your bullying, Even if directed at a bully, Is going to change him or her. Golden rule all the way!

  • I say no!

    Is it right to bully a bully? Well, I say no! You may think why not I mean they bully you! Well there are many reasons! You don't know what the bully is going through! Here are some reasons why it is not ok to bully a bully.

    So first, We need to know why the murgurity of bullies bully. So according to a study in 2016, They spoke to 8, 850 people. And 1, 239 people bully other people. But the reasons are pretty sad. They said it was because of stress and things going on at home. So now do you think you should make fun of bullies?

    Now we can see what bullies are going through. So now we can see why a bully bullies someone. From stress. But what can more stress do to a bully. According to a user on Quora they state this, “. . . Extra pressure could lead to the bully killing himself or herself. ” And we know bullies bully from stress. But is it true that you can kill your self from stress? Well according to a study they state that 1 in 5 stressed college students consider committing sucide. So it is a fact you can kill yourself from stress. So what's better, Giving someone a beating or, Lead someone to kill themselves?

    But there are some solutions that are not bullying a bully. One solution is to give them a beating. Then they will stop. And you may say that is bullying. It's not… Bullying is to keep doing without stopping. So that will work. But there is one that is the best… Tell an adult. So telling an adult will help A LOT. But, It is better to tell your parents/ guardian. That will help even more than giving a bully a beating.

    Now, How do you feel about bullying a bully? Now that you know how to deal with a bully, Why a bully bullies, And what bullying a bully does. What will you do?

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