• Yes, nasty words define Donald Trump and he should be identified with truthful descriptions.

    Trump does not hold back in his descriptions of other people, and they are often nasty. As someone claiming to be a leader, it would only follow suit for the general public to refer to him with such colorful descriptions as well. Likewise, we can all do better than resting on the empty insults, and once Trump is out of the limelight, we can all focus on being better people to one another.

  • No, it is not right to call Donald Trump nasty names.

    No, I do not believe it is right to call Donald Trump nasty names, even if that is the level of discourse that he engages with. I agree with Michelle Obama when she says, "When they go low, we go high." Name-calling and immature language is unproductive and ultimately just mean - not important when it comes to the importance of what needs to be talked about: the goals and ideas to lead our nation.

  • No, people who are against Donald Trump should avoid stooping to his level.

    Tempting as it is, people who are against Trump need to rise above name-calling and show his unsuitability for the Presidency through calm and intelligent debate. Name-calling simply arouses his supporters to fight harder as this is something they understand, unlike reasoned argument that seems to be beyond some of his supporters featured on TV recently.

  • Name calling is childish

    Name calling is childish and not useful in any way except to blow off stress if you hate him. It is wrong but it is protected under freedom of speech to say whatever you want about the candidates. Name-calling is almost a pastime of American life. If only we could be more productive.

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