Is it right to give up internet freedom to fight piracy?

  • Pirates make money with your work, who wants that?

    Who wants to be exploited? Do you want to work for free and let me make money with your work? The answer is clear. This is capitalism system, if you want everything for free, ok I will let you work for me in North Korean. Nobody wants to work for someone else.

  • It is breaking the law.

    Yes, it is right to give up internet freedom to fight piracy, because we are all complicit in breaking the law if we do not do anything to stop what happens. We all know that piracy on the internet happens all the time. We have a communal responsibility to step up and help to protect the integrity of the internet.

  • Less freedom doesn't make anything better

    Piracy on the Internet is a constant issue. However, this is related to other issues. If people are having their car stolen than should a society than restrict peoples access to the ability to drive a car. There is no reason to put these restrictions and there needs to be better advancements in stopping piracy than to restrict all Internet users.

  • No it is not

    It is not right for individuals here in the United States of America to give up their rights especially their privacy rights to tackle an issue such as this. There must be better ways to combat this issue about the issue at hand in the question instead of going down this route.

  • Fight For Freedom

    The right of internet freedom should not be given up in the name of fighting piracy. The computer and all the technology that surrounds it involves a vast and seemingly endless bounty of possibilities. Technology to fight piracy exists and should be put to use instead of lessening the internet freedoms of good users.

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