Is it right to kill criminals who sexually and mentally abuse children?

  • If we kill them we still aren't as bad as them

    We aren't torturing them like they tortured others, we are simply removing them from the world so that the victims will be at peace knowing that the person that hurt them won't be able to hurt another person ever again. And that the bad people will be more afraid to hurt other people.

  • No sympathy for these people.

    When you sexually, mentally, or physically abuse a child, you are ruining their life. They are more likely to commit suicide and have depression. No child should have to go through this. I know because I was one of these children. It's not good on the mentality. These people don't deserve a life in our society.

  • I think that

    Anyone that ruins another's life, probably shouldn't have life themselves. Crime is one thing, but this is scarring children for the rest of their life. Too often people don't want the death penalty happening and some have even said they want a stop to it. But it's just about children. Some one who sexually and mentally abuses people would do it in prison too and I don't agree with anyone that would say, any body in prison deserves to be mentally/sexually abused. Mental abuse is murder of their peace of mind. Sexually abuse is murder of their innocence. It's all so close to killing, it's sick.

  • I get that they are horrible people but, that doesn't mean they should die.

    People are bringing up arguments like these and it makes me mad. We are in the twenty-first century. We don't kill people for their crimes no matter how terrible, they are severely punished with jail time. If we kill people who hurt others in terrible ways, we are just as bad as them.

  • Killing them wouldn't solve anything.

    Child abuse is disgusting and horrific, however this doesn't make it right to kill someone. Capital punishment doesn't work, some people heave even killed fellow prisoners while they were in prison because they don't want to live through their whole sentences. I think that it's far worse a punishment to give people extremely long sentences.

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