Is it right to kill someone else to save yourself?

Asked by: Winston84
  • Can't Debate The Obvious

    Why wouldn't it be right? Well I guess you could be a Southpaw then it would be Left...LOL that joke was almost as bad as this question. Of course it is right. Some people may CHOOSE to die rather than live but that doesn't change the values of right from wrong. Only reason I could see where it could be wrong is if your attacker were this cute little baby:

  • Depends on circumstances

    If your being threatened or assaulted then you can take the life of the other in self defense, wars another. It's not "okay" to take the lives of others but its necessary for the safety of the country. If you've gotten death penalty then you deserve it, but if your just killing for the sake of mass murder, it isn't okay.

    Canadian Grade 10 Student

  • In most intsances, yes

    It is okay to kill someone to save yourself in almost any circumstance. What do you think happens in war? Murder, on the other hand, is a totally separate issue. Google's definition of 'kill' is cause the death of a living thing. This means that you are just the reason why someone is has died. When you kill someone, it wasn't usually planned that you would kill that person at that time. It also usually illegal. Google's definition of 'murder' is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. This means that it is illegal, and is usually totally planned out.

  • Of course it is.

    It's up to you. Nobody is forcing you to kill the other person, if you don't want to. That "right" is always going to be in the eye of the beholder, and what is more important than your own desire and opinion, when it's you that has somebody coming at you with intent to kill you?

  • It really depends

    If they are choosing to threaten your life than yes it is ok to kill them. Even if they are just choosing to threaten your health than its ok to kill them. If they are not choosing to threaten your life or health but are, despite that (like in unhealthy pregnancies) than it depends.

  • It depends on the circumstances

    If you are doing it in self-defense, then it is absolutely okay to kill the person threatening you. If the person is not threatening your life but needs to be killed to save your own life, I do not think that it is reasonable to terminate his/her life to save yours. Ultimately, if your life is at risk BECAUSE that person wants to threaten it, then you can kill him/her.

  • No, it is not.

    For there is not greater love than for one to lay down his life for his friends. Some people that live should not, and some that do not live should not. I just paraphrased and reworded Biblical quotes. Read John 15:13 and Ezekiel 13:19 for the real verses. Should we kill one to save ourselves? Is that love? No, so no.

  • What makes your life more valuable?

    I understand that it is human nature to survive and therefore to do anything within their power to achieve their survival. However, i think morally, one should not make the decision as to who should live and who should die. In a situation of self defense it can be understandable if one were to defend their life from someone willing to take it. However in a situation where no one is trying to take your life, it is ethically wrong to take a life because is it not the ultimate immoral action to take someones life?

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