Is it right to lower your standard of the opposite sex in order to be in a relationship.

Asked by: Thermo
  • No but yes

    If your standard is ridiculous high that you never date then maybe you should stop being so stuck up and date someone in your league so you don’t die alone but if you feel you’re out of their league don’t Perdue it because that’s not fair to your partner either

  • This shouldn't be a moral question

    I assume that in a modern society, a person that chooses to lower his standards of his preferred romantic partner does no harm to other people. Thus, limiting his ability to freely choose the standards by using social pressure (in form of criticism) will limit his right for a personal freedom without balancing it with some social good that may be argued to be more important. Thus, any discourse on this topic should be only in a form of a personal recommendation and not a debate.

  • It is quicker

    I think that everyone is beautiful but I am attracted to a certain type and maybe that's the reason I am still single. When I size up women I focus on their flaws and forget that I am not perfect. We should search for someone who will make us happy and feel loved.

  • This breeds resentment:

    Let's say that you lower your standards to be with A. A is a 6/10 to you but she's loving, kind, etc. Now you meet B two or three years later who is a 9/10 to you and has all the qualities of A. It is far more troublesome to leave A for B than it would have been for you to just stick to your guns in the first place.

  • Soulmates and Mating--Biology

    I believe to a good degree in soulmates, there is no standard to have in the first place. If you are just talking sex, then the standard one sets should fulfill the moment. A six is generally going to attract others around their attractiveness level. However they may end up with a nine on some occassions or a three (I have to check my biology). In college my girlfriend, who hated my guts by the way, was a seven and I was around that at that time as well. My highschool sweetheart, who somehow put up with me, who I yearn for to this day, was about a six and at the time so was I. Anyways their is definately a mixture of stability and chaos--balance.

  • Wait for perfect (to you)

    No one is perfect, but when you meet the right person they are perfect to you. You wouldn't change anything about them because it would change them and it's never worth it to improve a flaw and make your partner "perfect" if it means changing the person you love. That's when you know that you are with someone that is worth committing to. I would always rather be on my own than with someone who I saw as less than what I wanted or deserved because that's not a healthy relationship and then I wouldn't be free to be with the right person when they came along. Additionally, if you choose to settle you are taking your partner away from someone who WOULD see him or her as their perfect.

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