• It depends, but mostly yes.

    Meddling with nature has produced some great advances in our civilization and our society, but it has also resulted in catastrophic events such as nuclear meltdowns and global warming. I think that humans should continue to use our ingenuity for the betterment of society and try to minimize the damage caused from "meddling"

  • Non intervention approach

    Every ecosystem and species we manage, control or manipulate will become dependent on us. This is called domestication of nature. Domestic nature cannot be self sustainable. It requires further managing. Increasing demands of resources in the future will left us incapable for doing so. Then what will be happened? Respect natures autonomy.

  • No it is not right to meddle with nature.

    Nature has its own course, its own idea of what to do, and by meddling with it, nature will strike us back. The say "let nature takes its course" is not just a saying on how to handle human interactions, but also generally about nature as well. We should respect it and allow it to do what needs to be done to keep the earth healthy and alive instead of forcing it to our will and destroying the earth in the long run.

  • No, because experimenting with nature might cause something unexpected and bad to happen.

    No, because meddling with nature mean messing with the laws of nature. The laws of nature have been set since the beginning of time. Evolution occurred due to nature developing, oxygen forming, etc. As a society, if we were to meddle with nature, we could possibly wipe out the human civilization or cause some atomic massacre of all life on Earth.

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