• Animals have their own voice

    Animals have their own rights if they don't want to do something don't make them, i'm not saying you can't own them you can!! Just don't force them to be in a costume or force them to get on your lap let them do what they want but, you can train them to not bite!!

  • How do you own things?

    I have no idea about how you own things, but I own every single thing in my life.
    I own my room, I own my girlfriend, I own my job, I own my company, I own every single facet in my life.

    However, They own me too.

    They ask for responsibilities, work, expectations, food - a million and ten other things that you cannot possibly fit into a thread - That is how it works.

    If dogs were smarter than us, I for one would bloody hope they look after me, feed me appropriately, (If i am leashed from getting my own), and generally care and appreciate me.

    What sort of sick domination do you think of when you consider the concept of species coinciding together with a vast social and intellectual difference - yet an innate compatibility with each other?

  • Well, it depends.

    I like the way you see things Zarium, but not everybody sees the world the same. I may own animals in my own house, and I am extremely grateful for that, but there are times when feel like they would be better off without me. There are animals out there that are being abused every single day, starved to death, but also loved. May it be a small majority or a big one, animals shouldn't suffer under the hands of humans, but because of their own environment. That is only when I feel it's suitable for humans to step in and save the animals. Some animals have gone extinct due to humans, mammoths for example. I don't remember what exactly when it was, but great whites were nearly driven to nonexistence just because of a freaking movie, "Jaws." Because of this movie, made by humans, nearly caused the extinction of great whites, that has the least attack rates on humans.

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