• Protests give the less powerful a voice.

    If protests were banned, the powerful sections of society would get away with doing anything they wanted. Protests allow victims, minorities and the less fortunate to air their grievances and make their issues heard. Protests should always be allowed even if they are frivolous, as long as they are not harming anyone.

  • If it's a cause that matters.

    It is right to protest something that you find morally objectionable even if doing so might inconvenience others or even draw the attention of the police. Protesting by a civilian population draws considerable attention to an issue and rallies supporters to the cause. Protests can make the difference between just and unjust laws and should always be supported.

  • Yes, I Do Believe It's Right to Protest Something.

    Yes, I do believe in the proper situations that protesting something is the right course of action. When there is a high level of injustice sometimes protesting is a good way to show this. I do not believe that protests should ever involve violence, flipping cars, hurting police, rioting or robbing from stores.

  • It is right to protest actions.

    Protesting is right to do because it allows people to show their opinions. Protesting should be non-violent and work for positive change, not just an excuse to commit crimes. Many people like Martin Luther King Junior use peaceful protests to make tremendous changes. Protests keep masses active in the actions of government in-between election cycles.

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