Is it right to send back a child home if he/she arrives late to school?

Asked by: ManishSingh
  • Yes they should

    People may think it is cruel to send that child home if they are late but in my opinion I think it gets the ready for the real world. These children if not stopped may keep continuing it untill they get a job where I pretty sure the rule is three strikes and you're out. Not only that once the child is stopped I gaurantee the child will make sure to come early the next time. This may be a little cruel but in the real world with an important job if u r not punctual ur boss may not just send u home but he will fire u.

  • Yes, to teach about the real world.

    The reason I say yes is that mostly I didn't see a yes yet. But then I thought about it more and realized that if children were taught early on that being late is wrong they'd understand that when they graduate that being late is wrong as well. You can't be super lenient with ages 13+ because they'll abuse it and come in last minute nearly every time.

  • Punishment doesn’t work

    If sending students home worked, Then you’d only have to do it once. If you believe you are preparing them for the workplace then pay them the wage for the job your supposedly preparing them for. In the interest of equality and showing them that jobs don’t accept lateness, All teachers should be sent home too when they are late. It annoys me when teachers say they are preparing them for work, Yet the rule doesn’t seem to apply to them and their jobs. You teach people by explaining, Demonstrating and by having natural consequences.

  • They should not

    Sending them home means they are missing class and therefore valuable learning time. It will also result in them resenting school. How does it benefit them to send them home? Yes, it is important to teach them about punctuality but there must be better ways to handle it. Perhaps they could write an essay about it.

  • Not it's not

    The problem is, now they are missing important class time and on top of that, they will resent it. It is important to teach punctuality, but there have to be better ways to handle it than depriving students of education time. Maybe have them write an essay or something of that nature.

  • No it just creates negativity, schooling is about positive motivation

    This is sad that many school follow this practice on the name of Teaching Punctuality. One should ask school management by way of sending kids back what example they are setting. Parents, kids all strive their best (including service providers like bus / Auto / Rikshaw driver) to arrive school on time and such act of sending back just decrease moral in a way next time don't even Try if you think you are late. First of all punishment is not at all the solution as in most cases it's not deliberate attempt secondly I don't think it should matter at all "Education is right" and by sending back a late comer school management is denying him/her his basic right of education for whole day (for which person has paid as well). To teach punctuality there are other ways as well , sending back home is something I would put under "Negative Motivation" which would only create negative mindset.

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