• If we look to average YES

    If you take a hundred asian kids most of them would be better in maths or other lessons because of their type of education, parenting and/or culture in the exact same way you can make stereotypical comments on black or white people. I dont agree that all the stereotypical comments are right but yea, most of them are right. For example I am Turkish and I accept that most of us tend to use more curse words and have a will to violance but again not all of us.

  • Unfortunately is efficient

    Stereotyping is done by everyone on an average day. Its politically incorrect but let's face it, if someone looks bad, hangs out with bad company and speaks like the bad company...It means that person is bad news.

    Employers do it, we do it every day without thinking.

    Judging someone based on one factor alone is what crosses the line into bigotry, judging someone based on a variety of factors is just how life is.

    A saying my mother has, if is white is round and is laid by a chicken it isn't racist to say it's an egg. Is common sense.

    We usually judge individuals based on 3 things, The manner of speech, your company and the way you carry yourself. From those many psychological pointers branch out to give us more details. If you speak weird but dress nice and make company of nice people, it probably means you just need to work on your communication skills. Nothing bad there. However that may be an immigrant with an accent, but if you are a native born to X country and speak in some weird dialect that raises red flags all over.

    Speak like a X, hang out with X and dress like X, makes you? Is common sense.

    Posted by: N711
  • Stereotyping is a beneficial evolutionary process but is dependant upon proper information for accurate use.

    Stereotyping is a result of eons of evolution. Grouping different stimulus helped humans as hunter/gatherers as a way to determine dangers and trigger fight or flight responses quickly before taking valuable time evaluating the threat. If you were wrong and responded to the wind rustling the leaves you were not hurt but if it was a predator, it many have assisted in escaping a threat if it was proper.
    The ability to have triggers for fight or flight reflexes are still valuable. If you find yourselves lost in a dangerous setting you will recognize the danger and take extra precaution. It's also used in social situations for determining proper etiquette.
    The problem is when incorrect or inaccurate information is allowed to establish the stereotype. In this case, it is a destructive use of a beneficial attribute.

  • Why would you

    Stereotyping is the root of bullying. So what if someone can't afford $100 jeans. Their $20 jeans cover their bum all the same. So what if they are a different color, or faith, or sex, or anything else. People stereotype because they are uncomfortable with their own faults. They have a need to feel accepted and in control. They feel they need to place people beneath them due to their own vanity and will never realise the opportunities they will miss because of this.

  • Everyone is different

    It is never correct to stereotype people. The media puts this image into our head and our brains immediately believe what they want us to believe. Here is one example of a very big stereotype-
    Stereotype- Muslims are terrorists Truth: Islam forbids the killing of an innocent person. Also, all the verses in the Quran which talk about violence are taken out of context. Also, more importantly, most Muslims are moderate Muslims. The Muslims we see in the news are the minority and are idiots.
    You should never judge someone based on the media.

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