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  • This is despicable and is driven by selfishness and greed

    And the same people who support this are likely the people complaining about refugees receiving public assistance. Well if you take away their valuables how are they supposed to afford to pay their own way?

    You handicap the refugees economically, take away their wealth, and then you whine that they are taking public benefits and that they are not "assimilating".

    Of course they are not assimilating, but it's NOT their fault. If they were treated as human beings maybe more of them would want to assimilate.

    The right wing keeps talking about people on the left whining, it's the right-wing that is full of whiners. People in the United States and in Europe, people who have some of the best living standards in the world and then they complain that people coming from some of the worst living standards are "taking their jobs" or "taking our tax dollars in public benefits". Bunch of selfish brats (not all Americans and Europeans, just the xenophobic bigots).

    That is what right-wing so-called 'morality' is now, selfishness and greed masked by self-righteousness. And you claim the high ground by calling all leftists relativists. I admit I used to subscribe to relativism, but I've thought long and hard and have decided that I am NOT a relativist. The word "morality" is pointless if we insist it is all just relative. That which improves the lot of other human beings is OBJECTIVELY MORAL. That is the most appropriate use of the word.

    The right-wing is objectively morally bankrupt!

  • Refugees deserve basic human dignity.

    Refugees are people fleeing desperate circumstances under tremendously stressful conditions. They should be treated with compassion and respect, which includes the right to keep any possessions they manage to carry with them. Taking away refugees' possessions is just another dehumanizing gesture towards people who have already been through far more hardship than anyone should have to face.

  • Only If They're Returned

    Come on. Seriously? These people have fled their countries because of war, they've taken with them only what they can carry and their most valuable possessions. And you want to take these valuables away from them? Take away the last valuable things in their life? Have a heart, please. They should be inspected and returned, not confiscated.

  • What's theirs is theirs

    Whether they enter this country legally or not, people are entitled to retain their own private property. If the valuables are being taken in order to compensate for housing or food, then we cannot really claim to have provided for the refugees--we are selling things they need to survive, and I believe that to be immoral under the name of charity.

  • It is wrong to take refugee's valuables

    It is wrong to take valuables from refugees. As the argument goes, they should "pay their way" into the country. The point of taking in refugees is to provide humanitarian assistance. There is nothing humanitarian about taking what little these people have left. As far as paying their way goes, we might remember that they take jobs no one else wants, they pay taxes, and they consume like everybody else in the economy. They already "pay their way".

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