• It's not their country

    European countries are sovereign nations with every right to maintain their borders and preserver their population and cultures. Predication show many native French German, and Swedish people will be minorities in their own countries in 25 years. Not to mention the soaring crime rates, riots, and call for Sharia law throughout Europe

  • Morally No. But, Practically Yes.

    Today, mass migration is a serious and sensitive predicament.
    Issues like security, preparedness to handle crisis, detestation on migrants by native people
    overweighs the humanitarian consideration in the refuge seeking country.

    To start with, security is the prime area of concern. A country accepting migrants cannot validate the background of each and every individual asylum seeker.
    Chances of insurgents blending into group of genuine migrants are very high. This could turn to a long standing problem.

    Secondly, not all countries are prepared for the such a huge influx of people from another countries. Providing food and shelter for thousands uninvited guests
    in an herculean task for the governments.
    Also, the insecure feeling of the local people is an important factor. It can really change the internal dynamics of the country.

  • I vaguely think it is

    I'm a 12 year old Korean kid who learns world history. We learned a few weeks ago about how the jews are now migrants, and the cause of the isis. Jews are already living in a lot of major countries like the US and China. However they have been living like that for years, and they increase every time. We should now turn the migrants away so that they could live with their own power, instead of eating off of other countries. We shouldn't baby them, just because they were treated rotten of the world war 2

  • This is my opinion on migration in general and not only on the recent phenomena of Africans invading Europe.

    To start with, I inform you that I am a migrant myself, I didn't chose it, I was 18 months old and now I am grateful to my parents that they took me away from that miserable piece of land that is my country.
    As I was growing up, I faced all the hardships that migrants face: racism, difficulties in fitting in the society... And I guess it sums up pretty much everything since the former is the root of every problem. I hardly found anyone who saw me as a human.
    We are not immaculate either, my compatriots and even some members of my own family are committing crimes like evading taxes or setting up illegal businesses. There are people who don't even bother learning the language of their hosting country. There are people who claim that religious symbols of the host nation offend them when they show disrespect toward the culture of the host nation and so on...
    I grew up on Italian soil, I was fed with Italian food, I was given an Italian education and I am even willing to give my life to Italy in case a war starts, unfortunately Italians saw, see and will always see me as a foreigner.
    As long as people from both sides are not willing to accept and collaborate with each other, no country is ready welcome migrants.

  • Save the country

    I think that we should turn migrants away as these people can treat the country like dirt.Britain is already full as it is and we dont need lots of other people joining us.I suggest that people should just stay in their own country instead of creating havock in other countries.These refugees are also creating problems!Why do people need to create war,problems do then occur.....These syrian refugees just do our head in.I am talking on behalf of the whole of the world.Why cant the world just be a nice place?!

  • I suggest turning away migrants

    There are so many cases in which a flood of migrants worsens a community. This is seen all across Europe.
    There is far too much leniency in who can migrant where, especially when cultures are so clashing. Terrorism is on the rise in Europe due to the immigration stress. I think there should be a quota for immigration at the very least.

  • Europe should restrict immigration.

    According to the EU only 21 % of migrants coming to Europe are from Syria. others are pretending to be Syrian to get to Europe 72 percent are men, 15 percent are women.
    Many have committed violent crimes against Europeans such as running around throwing rocks at people in Hungary ,. A North African migrant in Germany raped a 7 year id white German girl in a park Others migrants pulled an Italian old lady out of her car by her hair and stole it while others some ran around beating people up
    Since Sweden opened its doors in the 70s rape has risen by 1472%. 77% of rapists in Sweden are immigrants or their descendants, in Oslo people of African, Asian and Middle Eastern are 1 percent of the population and do 50% of the rape. In Denmark Somalians are 10 times more likely to commit crimes ad half of convicted rapists have immigrant background. In England there is an epidemic of Muslim rape gangs abusing white girls, this happened in Rochdale(https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Rochdale_sex_trafficking_gang), Derby (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Derby_sex_gang), Oxford, Oxfordshire (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Oxford_sex_gang ), Bristol, (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Bristol_sex_gang ), Telford, Shropshire, (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Telford_sex_gang), Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Peterborough_sex_abuse_case) , Banbury, Oxfordshire (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Banbury_sex_gang ), and Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Aylesbury_sex_gang)
    Not all Muslims and immigrants in Europe are criminals but there is problem with criminality in those communities, more so than in the native communities. And increasing immigration to Europe will only create more of these problems. Stop immigration to Europe.


  • The Dictionary says "To go from one country or region to another"

    If you are a refugee and you have nowhere else to go, you can to a certain degree expect countries to let you in. You ask nicely and "No means No"
    If you want to simply move to another country, then as long as you have all the right forms and papers, you should be allowed to live in a country. However the country can still say NO.
    If you want to move into another country and not fill out forms or pay money to get in, then you cheat off the people who did so fairly by sneaking in.

  • Open all borders

    Countries/Nations/States are essentially landmasses closed off by security and fear. Where you are born into the world determines your social status, economic conditions, health, and culture. Being born into more affluent areas like Europe or the United States almost certainly guarantees a better life overall compared to a poor country. All the persons of the world are fundamentally equal in being human. And land is common to all life on the planet. All people should have the choice to live wherever they so choose. Yet as we know, those in power will stop at nothing to maintain that power and division is a very effective way to do that. Limiting entry into the rich nations/states is basically a means of protecting birthright privilege. While there may be some correlations of behavior and where a person or group is from, statistics focusing on rape, violence, and theft are primarily used as scare tactics. In closing, there will never be unity in this world without compassion.

  • Most certainly! Not.

    It would be no better than refusing the Jews leading up to the second world war, this time it is Middle eastern refugees.

    I am against the war on terror, the war in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan and I think that if anyone should attack the IS or ISIS it should be countries in Europe and not the United States.

    The United States should return to isolationism and neutrality ( Like it was before the second world war.) and worry about our own problems such as unemployment, economy and others. We were just in a recession in 2007 and are still recovering from it, we should not worry of foreign wars.

    Other countries ( Note; Not all countries are blaming the United States for these conflicts, it may be the Middle East, parts of Asia, and Europe in general.) are blaming the United States for some conflicts in the world, which we are stationed in sixty four countries and has recently been caught flying drones, possibly meant to spy on them, above China. If we were to return to neutrality and isolationism we would not be the laughing stalk or the government that starts wars as we may now.

    Please do not get angry over my post and do be reasonable if you post a comment. You are a civil being are you not? This is only an opinion which I am obligated to share.

  • Inhumane behaviour seen

    It is really inhumane to not accet refuges. They are innocent. I think they are purely. Isis could cause and will cause worse evils if wholly world will not say stop them. So because i would not say isis trouble for refuges. It is trouble for wholly world too. Isis is not muslim. There isn't violence in muslim

  • It's inhumane to not accept refugees.

    I think it is wrong to turn away all these migrants. Firstly, because people turn them away because some are Muslims. And ISIS is a Muslim community so people think, "Oh no! They're Muslims! They could be associated with ISIS! We can't let them in." That's not the right way to think. ISIS kills Christians. They also kill Muslims. We can't attach terrorism with beliefs. Just because some people are Muslims doesn't mean they are from ISIS. Sure, there are going to be some bad people but think about all the normal, ordinary people that we could let in. Why not let everyone in? If France was destroyed (example) or terrorised or something, wouldn't other countries in Europe let France's people go to their countries? Yes they would. So why are we turning lots of people away? Why not just let them in? An innocent question without an answer.

  • Chicken is better

    Chicken is obviously a better food than whatever ducks are. As a frequent traveller of camel airline I can tell you that All ducks are Crap. Ducks are not a food to be eaten by humans. The chicken revolution will begin, begin I tell you. Ducks are the minority death will come to all who follow ducks.

  • I like ducks

    But chickens are much more practical. They lay more frequently, are generally smaller, and eat less. Their droppings are also smaller, and unless you are into gardening, then squelching in bird crap isn't really convenient. Ducks also dirty their drinking water because of those dirt filter things in their mouth and the also bathe in it. Drinking from bath water may have ill effects on your health and the health of your chickens and ducks.

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Mr_Anderson says2015-10-04T13:33:35.970
It's not necessarily right or wrong.
vi_spex says2015-10-04T16:14:30.230
Its wrong to let muslims in