• Riots are bad enough, why not include tear gas?

    I do not support riots in the first place so if there is going to be a riot held, why not go all out and use tear gas? People claim tear gas is dangerous, but riots are dangerous enough to begin with so the use of tear gas during riots will not affect it too much.

  • good option instead bullet.

    my opinion is tear gas is good option instead using bullet because its not take a person life in case fire bullet then it could be dangerous. Riots only create uncalmness in society and its also very dangerous for human beings so for stopping riots tear gas is best option. But some times peoples misuse it also.

  • Yes, it is right to use tear gas in riots.

    Yes, I believe that in most instances, it is right to use tear gas in riots. Most riots in which tear gas is used are not peaceful protests, they are violent riots in which many people end up hurt, including officers of the law. Since tear gas does not inherently cause permanent damage to the human body, in cases of violent riots, it is absolutely ok to use tear gas.

  • Absolutely

    Yes, it is right to use tear gas in riots. Once a riot breaks out, it becomes an ugly mob and needs to be broken up and controlled as quickly as possible. If allowed to continue, riots will cause thousands of dollars in damage to property within minutes. Tear gas is the quickest and safest way to break up a riot. Think about foreign countries where riots are broken up with real bullets – should make us glad we live in a country that only uses tear gas.

  • Better Than Bullets

    Tear gas used to quiet a rioting crowd is better than using bullets to kill people. Americans have the right to peaceable assemble. But when things get out of hand, police need something that can make the masses more passive without killing them. Tear gas is one option that can be used when things get tough.

  • It is an acceptable crowd control measure, and better than alternatives.

    Tear gas is an acceptable form of crowd control when other methods have failed. While the gas does cause discomfort and pain, this is usually temporary and leaves the vast majority of those exposed unharmed. This is a much better alternative than other methods (e.g. water cannons, baton charge) that can cause serious physical harm to individuals.

  • It is okay to use tear gas in riots, with discretion.

    While tear gas is a dangerous and painful substance, it is acceptable for use in riot control in some situations. While they should not use it haphazardly, if the riot is going to cause more danger for bystanders and those taking place, then using tear gas is an acceptable decision. This must be taken very seriously, though, as the police should not abuse their power in any way.

  • No justification for street justice

    Assaulting people in the streets, not to mention anyone down wind is disgusting. Not to mention the stampede that starts when one of these devices goes off. Would rather have people be hurt at the hands of civilians than the police. The police have no expectation of safety in such situtations.

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