Is it rude to not eat everything on your plate?

Asked by: alivia
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  • Not at all

    Is puking on our host less rude? That is likely to happen if you force yourself to finish.
    However, being mad at someone who doesnt have the same tastes and therefore cannot finnish a meal is a proof of egocentricism, narrow mindedness and inability to be living in a democratic 21st century.

  • No it is not

    Why the hell should I be forced to stuff myself if I am full?
    Why the hell should I be forced to stuff myself when I clearly do not enjoy the food?
    It is more rude to force people to eat food they do not like than to go without eating.
    Yes food wastage is bad, but then you are the idiot for providing a large serving and you have no right of accusing the other person of being rude.

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Craighawley215 says2014-08-11T13:58:50.220
There's not enough information to formulate a worthwhile opinion.
If you are given a large amount of food by somebody, then it can be considered rude in certain extreme cases, but most of the time, you can excuse yourself and explain that you are full. If you are serving yourself large quantities of food and then not finishing what you have taken, then that does come across as rude in many cases.
It is all circumstantial.