• Yes, for the most part.

    It is usually safe to consume unpasteurized goods from local farms, especially if it has been refrigerated and stored properly. It's even much more tasty and much healthier in many of the cases. I often hear about how much better dairy products were before the days of pasteurization. Would like to try it.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe it is safe to consume un-pasteurized goods from local farms. If anything, this is probably far better for people than buying food at the grocery stores. Obtaining food from local farms is less likely to contain the pesticides and hormones used in bigger operations to improve output due to high demands.

  • If it has been tested, I don't see why not

    Yes, I believe that it is safe to consume unpasteurized goods from local farms. The people on those farms have been consuming the products for generations, most likely. Not to mention that everything that is processed is actually healthy for you in the long run. Some fresh products should not be a serious issue. The products should tested to ensure safety at the least.

  • Yes it is

    Yes it is possible to eat these type of local foods if we choose to do so. However not all people will agree with this some will say it is not safe at all to eat these type of foods and we should stay away from this. However our bodies can handle it.

  • No, it's not safe to eat unpasteurized good from farms.

    I do not think it is safe to eat unpateurized goods from local farms. While I don't think that consuming such things will automatically mean somebody will get sick, I think it is still best to err on the side of caution. I think there are just way too many risks.

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