• yes it is

    yes, if you make sure that your computer has not ever gotten any bad viruses, then it is a good thing to go ahead and do your pay roll on the web, and that it will be a good way to make paying people a whole lot easier on you.

  • Encryption is helpful

    There are enough security features that have been developed to make financial transactions onlien viable. Various forms of encryption exist, and often can leave less traces than paper payroll. In the online world there are not pieces of paper laying around with account information, deposity history, and other personal information.

  • Yes, It is human error that causes problems, not the web.

    I believe it is perfectly safe to do payroll over the web, as long as you use proper security procedures and strong encryption. It is companies failing to use proper procedures that lead to security breaches, and attempts at fraud. This is the equivalent of leaving your office door wide open, and then blaming the door when things get stolen.

  • I feel it is safe to do payroll over the web.

    Many companies are currently doing their payroll over the web. While this presents some challenges in regard to security, I feel that the convenience out-weighs the risks. As long as each company takes proper security measures (firewalls, encryption, constant reviews and monitoring, etc) there shouldn't be any problems with doing payroll on the web.

  • Yes, it's safe to do payroll over the web.

    I think it is safe to do payroll over the web. I see nothing wrong with companies paying their employees over the Internet. But like any other practice, the proper security measures must be taken place to ensure people's money are safe. I think most jobs these days do payroll over the web.

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