• Caution and diligence are key.

    I do not see a problem talking on a cell phone while driving if the proper caution is used. When people are taking notes and doing things they shouldn't while driving then that causes a problem. Diligence is needed every time someone gets behind a steering wheel but it is even more important when talking on the phone.

  • Yes, safe cell phone use while driving is possible.

    Yes, it is possible to use a cell phone safely while driving, although this shouldn't be taken to mean that all cell phone use while driving is acceptable. For example, using a hands-free device and voice-recognition software to use auditory features is generally safe while driving, since it allows the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road. Sending a text message, however, is significantly less safe.

  • Im not even going to bother

    This is pretty stupid topic. No offence, but seriously? I don't understand why this is actually a topic. You can cause serious damage to other cars, the highway and yourself. Well now im wasting time to get to the word maximum, so how are you all doing lol lol.

  • Hi . Please don't use your phone while driving.

    You're dumb if you use your cell phone while driving. Not a smart choice . Lololololol dummys . Do you wanna die ? No ? Okay well don't use your phone while driving. It can cause serious injury or can cause death or cause some ones elses life . Don't be dumb. (:

  • It is not safe to use your cell phone while driving on the highway.

    Drivers should not use their cell phones while driving on the highway unless they have blue-tooth or hands-free accommodations. Any distraction for even a split second is too much and could end up costing not only the distracted driver his life or serious injury, but could cost the lives of other drivers as well.

  • No It's Not

    It is not safe to use your cell phone while driving on the highway. Not focusing on the task of driving can have serious consequences and many Americans have experienced those consequences and they have to live with them everyday. States, like Illinois, have recently outlawed the use of these devices while driving.

  • No, it's not safe to use your cellphone while driving.

    I do not think it is safe to use your cell phone while driving on the highway. I think that people have enough distractions when they drive. They don't need another. Driving itself is already dangerous. When somebody uses their cell phone to talk or text, it just makes it even more dangerous.

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