Is it sexist for Muslim men to force their wives to wear a burka?

  • Silly costume for slaves

    Tells the world you're a dumb slave of a terrorist. There are more rules about how Muslim men should dress than women. Most of the Muslim men that insists their wives wear veils dress like Westerners. I've yet to see any Muslim man humiliate themselves with a red beard to follow the same Sunnah they make women follow.

  • Womens chooses to wear Burqa

    in islam, you cant force anyone to do anything against their own will, it totally contradicts the teachings of the prophet(peace be upon him). although womens are told to cover their hair, there are most who willingly chooses to wear the burqa.
    The meaning of Burqas and Hijab is so that womens can go into public without having to worry about other mens checking them out.

  • Men Don't Wear Burkas

    Islam doesn't have modern equal rights if women are forced to wear burkas whereas men do not. Islam was formed nearly 1,500 years ago in the Arabian desert. Modernizing the religion is the first step to winning over new converts. Until Islam cleaves with its traditions, burkas and hijabs are simply signs of an ancient tradition that should be cast off in modern society.

  • A Sign of Ownership

    Yes, it is sexist for Muslim men to force their wives to wear a burka. A woman is nothing more than a possession to a Muslim male, with no rights of her own. The traditional burka is the male’s way of keeping his women further isolated and hidden from view, physically and psychologically. Modern Muslim women need to be freed from the sexist restraints that have been placed on them. They need to be allowed to remove the burka. Muslim men may never accept women as equals, but they need to realize they do not own them either.

  • The hijab and burka are supposed to be the woman's choice

    In Muslim culture, this represents modesty and it a choice that the women is supposed to decide for herself by her own convictions. No matter what religion or culture one belongs to, it is never morally right for a husband to force their wife to do anything against her will.

  • It is sexist in my opinion

    It is sexist when Muslim men to force their wives to wear a burka. It is sexist anytime man forces anything on his wife regardless of his own personal or religious beliefs. Considering the Muslim beliefs, I think it would be more appropriate to ask his wife rather than force her.

  • It is sexist for Muslims men to force their wives to wear the burka.

    Women have the same size of brain than men and have proved themselves in society to be just as good if not better in many areas. Therefore they have the inalienable right to choose for themselves either to wear the burqa or not.
    Also there is no references in the Quran than women must wear the burqa.
    Men who compel their wives to wear it are either very jealous and possessive of their spouses, or lacking trust.
    Beside completely covering a woman does not stop Muslim men to rape these women. Watch Human rights reports many Muslim countries with rapes and then these raped women are imprisoned and then executed for being the victims of rape.

    Posted by: Ora
  • "unless it's out of a women choice to wear it yes is sexist a woman being forced to wear a Burka"

    It dosent support gender equality and it just a way for men to control what a women wears as well as encouraging other aspects of control over a women such as her mind,her own thoughts and her body.A women being forced to wear it by their husbands is sexist because it's a sign a of pocession and dominance over the women and because it's interferes with a women choice and inabity to wear what she wants it's show she dosent have the same freedom as her husband and other men do because she dosent have the same obligation to make her own choices without having to ask her her husband permission or opinion.

  • In a time where women have more social freedom than ever before, it's unheard of for there to exist a place with such demoralizing customs.

    A woman shouldn't have to be afraid to unveil her face based on the sole fact that she might be considered indecent in a time of escalating tensions due to war-ridden areas with political instability and totalitarian regimes. However, the Qur'an says that women should be dressed modestly in order to save them from the eyes and harassment of aggressive men, who were not part of her family, nor going to be. But if she does not feel the need to cover her face in order to effectively follow the mandates of her religion, then it is her right to not uphold the custom of wearing a burka. And for another matter, a woman in this traditional culture is told by her family that she should be ashamed when she is sexually attacked, when it should be the man, whom did it, who should be ashamed of violently and sexually assaulting those women. It is the rapist who should be thought of as the indecent and immoral one. The time has come where we need to stop ignoring men's shortcomings, and forgiving unspeakable acts. A woman does not ask to be harassed, and it should not be her responsibility to protect herself from men. It should be a man's responsibility to be decent enough to not attack her.

  • According to islam

    In islam women should cover her faces and husband only ask her rather to force her . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .. . .. . .

  • Not if the woman wants it

    It's part of their customs. I once saw a women who was a Muslim and I asked her if she liked wearing a burka and she actually said yes she liked wearing them. She had said her husband said while they lived her in America she didn't have to wear but she was wearing it because SHE wanted to.

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