Is it sinful for Christians to teach their children about Santa Claus?

  • Do not lie...

    Let's look at the 9th commandment (8th for the Catholic church); God tells his people not to lie, and it is wrong to tell your children there is a man dressed in red who gives presents to children if they are good. Now it may be a nice way to get them to behave for a month or two, but it's a heartbreaking thing to find out it's not true.

  • Yes... According to christians

    I know the bible is another lie... But in the bible it clearly says that ALL liars would have their place in the lake of burning suplhar!!

    Of course.... Who were lying to me about God as well. No just God would condemn his own children to everlasting torment without forgiveness when he claims to have this "essence".

  • I think it's wrong to teach children about this "Santa Claus".

    I have many reasons for this. When children believe someone is going to give them whatever they ask for, it can spoil them, waste your money, and make them miserable when they don't get everything they want. Also, you would be committing mortal sin for lying and having your children commit idolatry. Worst yet, they may choose to focus on this make-believe character more than Christ, which is what Christmas is supposed to be all about. In addition to all that, it may be difficult to break the news to them that "Santa" isn't real. So, do you really want this? What do you think God is thinking about all this? He's probably not to happy. However it's okay to teach them about the real St. Nick, who's actually a saint. Well, as long as he doesn't take over Christmas too. Remember, "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." -1 Corinthians 10:31

  • It is sinful for Christians to teach their children about Santa Claus.

    Santa Claus is a fictitious character invented by the media in order to sell products during the holidays. It is an adulteration of the true holiday of Christmas, and true Christians should not partake in this misguided tradition. The story of Santa also teaches about magic and witchcraft, which is against the Christian faith.

  • There is no sin.

    Sin is a made up concept to scare children. There are no moral absolutes. Murder is always wrong, correct? No, what about self defence, or killing one person to save many? I mean, what if Batman had just killed the joker, just shot him? Then there wouldn't have been so many deaths. Obviously keeping him alive was a mistake. There are rights and wrongs, mostly situational, but there is no sin, and thus, telling your kid that god is true is not a sin. Oh wait, the topic is santa claus. Oh well, no harm done, god and santa are both fantasy anyway. All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • Different Levels of Christianity

    Well, I'm deist but I come from a Christian family. Personally, I was raised to believe Christianity is like that on an onion- different layers of different types of Christians. I believe this commandment you speak of has no justification. Isn't Santa Claus a derogation of St. Paul, who brought food ('joy') to the poor Greek town? Let's not beat around the bush. Santa Claus is not just used to get children to behave. Please don't think that- ever heard of the 'naughty list'? :)

  • This Is Absurd!

    What is sinful about Santa Claus? The man once existed. We teach children about other individuals who once lived, left a mark on this country and/or world, then died. Obviously, poems ... Stories ... Literally marketing have helped to modernize how Santa looks, travels, etc. Historically, we have the same problem with George Washington and that Cherry-tree tale. Still, George Washington existed. And St. Nicholas once lived. Today, when we give gifts at Christmas, we do so remembering the man ... His generosity ... Love for others, etc. It is easier to start with the concept of Santa Claus, in its popular form, when children are young. By the age of 8-10, depending upon their understanding/maturity level, you can move to actually teaching them about St. Nicholas ... His life ... Giving, etc. By that age, they aren't buying the stories of flying reindeer or elves. But ... They are old enough to learn about a historical figure who, through his life and giving, has transcended time ... Been immortalized in literature ... And become a beloved part of childhood.


  • Believing in Santa Claus makes children perceive a creative perspective on life.

    Parents who teach their children about Santa Clause are opening up their children's mind's as well as making them perceive a creative perspective on life. While being young, children do not have the ability to discern right from wrong. This is a way of letting them decide for themselves if they believe in the old tale. Personally, I have never believed in Santa Claus when I was a child. Therefore, I had my own voice at such a young age and the old tale of Santa Claus only caused me to be able to discern what is true and what if false. This is why I feel that it is not sinful for Christian parents to teach their children about Santa Claus. It does not go against Christianity, it only makes the children think creatively as well as have their own voice.

  • Ironically, Santa Claus is one of the few things associated with Christmas that doesn’t have pagan origins.

    The Santa Claus character is based on St Nicholas who lived in Asia Minor. He was a money-lender who ran a pawn shop. He was well-known locally because he gave money to prostitutes who were short of cash. They say he was a very generous man and asked for nothing in return, not even a hand job apparently.

    Anyway, through the years the legend of St Nicholas’ munificent gifts to slappers in need spread to Continental Europe where gifts are still exchanged on a St Nicholas Day, the 6th December.

    However, in Britain, The Commonwealth countries and America, St Nicolas became known as Santa Claus and for some reason the tradition of exchanging gifts became associated with Christmas instead: which is why Santa Claus is also known as Father Christmas.

    I’m not a practicing Christian myself but I doubt that God would condemn someone to burn in Hell for buying their child a Christmas card with a picture of Santa on it!

  • It's a SIN to teach children about God

    I see no problem with Santa Claus, as he doesn't send you to Hell or maybe Heaven if you're really good, kids can get over that easily. But teaching your children about GOD is the Greatest SIN of mankind, as this teaches them about an Imaginary GOD, Jesus, Afterlife, and they will believe the GREATEST LIE EVER TOLD since they're children like I was. God never existed, never reveals, never shows up, never answers prayers or heals the sick, and NEVER coming back. It's NOT your fault, as these GOD LIES have continued for thousands of years, and need to be EXTINGUISHED for once and all. As an Ex-Christian, that believed in the FALSE LIES for all my life, listening to the preacher tell me what to believe, as I didn't understand the Bible it was extremely difficult to read and understand. A couple of years ago I decided to read the Bible from start to finish and the HORRIBLE acts of EVIL just in the OT alone, made me throw my bible across the rooms dozens of times and curse this Bipolar Psychotic God. The Bible should be BANNED in the United States, or at least listed as FICTIONAL BS.

    (only 20% of Christians have read the entire bible on their own)
    (the other 80% just listen to the preachers version, me included)

    Imagine if the 80% of Christians and the rest of the world actually read the UNHOLY BIBLE from Start to Finish, everyone with MORALS would leave the faith. Then research all religions worldwide, and then go back to ancient times, you will realize it's all the same story, just different names, we have been SCAMMED!

  • I'm a Christian and don't think Santa is wrong.

    Santa Clause is a fun Character and not a sin. What is sinful about a Character giving presents to children. Christmas is a fun holiday, a good time to thing about the birth of Jesus and a fun time to decorate the house, bake cookies and spend time with your family. Santa Clause is just a Character from a story, and it's a fun fantasy for kids. I never seen anything in the ten commandments that said reading about Santa was wrong.

  • Why would it be sinful if it means making children happy?

    When I was a little kid, I would get a present from my parents every Christmas. I was told that they were from Santa Claus, until I was old enough to understand that Santa Claus was only a fanciful children's tale. My presents, they weren't anything exceptionally extravagant, just little toys and plushies for me to spend my childhood with. I was happy with that. I loved the idea of a fat, bearded old man riding a flying sled dropping presents down the chimney, once a year. I was happy with the story of ol' Santa. If it means making children happy, I wouldn't hesitate to teach them about Santa Claus.

  • Santa Claus is derived from a saint.

    Why should we ruin children's childhoods (and this is coming from someone who loathes children) by teaching them that Santa Claus is taboo? Santa Claus is derived from the saint Nicholas. Teaching children that he is sinful, means that all saints might as well be sinful to, which would mean that doing good deeds in the name of Christianity (which are generally considered to be morally good, like feeding the hungry) is therefore sinful.

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