• Help for both parties

    Yes, I believe it is. If big name actors partner with Netflix, then I believe that Netflix will produce better content, with better actors and will become more of a contender. I believe that the future of TV is online and that actors should capitalise on this shift now, while they can.

  • I think it is

    The longer deals ensure longer success for the actors. They could surely do smaller deals and hope to cash in, but if they suddenly fall out of favor then they may have lost out. I think the longer deals create certaintainty and that is why it makes sense to sign longer deals with netflix.

  • Netflix and companies like it are a thing of the future

    Actors are quickly learning that a box office smash is hard to come by. The new phenomena is Netflix. There are great new and innovative dramas being produced solely for Netflix, which is opening new doors and opportunity for the actors smart enough to take it. If you notice more actors are taking roles on television now too. The industry is changing and the smart ones are learning to be malleable. It is better to be an innovator and help the industry change.

  • Depends on who is being asked.

    Sure, its good for the actors. Anything to earn them a little more money. Is it good for the viewers? I guess that remains to be seen. If people continue to like the quality of the content produced, then it will be safe to say that it was a win/win.

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