Is it smart for Hilary Clinton to start presidential campaign events already?

  • Yes, I think that Hilary Clinton's decision to start an early campaign is a great idea.

    I think that Hilary's decision to start an early campaign is great. She has learned from her previous mistakes and she is determined to win. In her last presidential campaign, she came of cocky and out of touch. Now, she is preparing herself for a challenging candidate and working to establish communication with the middle class. I think it is great!

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton must start her bid early.

    Serious presidential candidates must start campaigns early in order to raise the astronomical amount of funding it now takes to mount a successful presidential bid. News sources are reporting that she will need over a billion dollars for this campaign in order to defeat the Republican candidates who are backed by big money sources.

  • Clinton Needs Time To Build Following

    While it may seem early to start campaigning for 2016, I believe that a long campaign will allow Clinton to slowly build a strong following and earn the trust of the voting population. A slow building campaign will be more effective with voters who are inherently distrustful of political campaign spending, as politicians that approach campaigning as a quick blitzkrieg seem to be perceived as spending much more.

  • Why not I think her Opponents have.

    I think its quite wise for Hilary to start campaigning now. After all, she has thrown her hat in the ring, so might as well start campaigning and getting her message out to the people. Aren't her GOP opponents already doing this as well. Its now 2015, and before we know it, there will be 2016.

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