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  • No, don't buy an SUV because of low oil price

    It is ridiculous to plan to buy an SUV based on the present reality of low oil prices. A person should purchase a vehicle which both matches their needs and their financial means over the long term. Such actions are why so many people are in financial ruin because of the collapse of the housing market.

  • No,it is not smart to buy a SUV just because oil prices are low at the moment.

    SUVs' are quite expensive to maintain and they require more than just fuel. It would be very unfortunate for anyone to buy such a car simply because of the current low oil prices. This is because the oil market is very unstable and keeps on shifting up and down all the time. If a person does not have a stable income to support the use of a SUV then that person would not be able to continue using the car if the prices for oil increased.

  • I don't think oil prices should make you chose an SUV, need should drive your choice instead.

    I feel that even if you can afford the SUV, you shouldn't get one unless you need it. Oil prices change all the time and would be a poor reason to purchase such a large vehicle. If it's ythe deciding factor for you, and prices go up, you will now be financially burdened.

  • SUVs are gas hogs

    Buying an SUV because the price of gas is down isn't a smart move. The price of gas is cyclical. It will go up again, and OPEC and many of the world's top produces aren't making a dime right now. This is a temporary period when car owners get to save money. Blowing those savings isn't a smart move.

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