Is it smart to have people on a sinking cruise boat evacuate by an aircraft?

  • It is not only smart but Genius!

    Airplanes can hold up to roughly 100 people (depending on which plane). In addition, It is the quickest method currently on the market that will actually work. Clearly a rocket won't work. Neither a car. Ships sailing over to help will take to long if the cruise ship is in the middle of the ocean. In addition, Lifeboats won't work because they are not that sturdy and safe in rough seas. A helicopter would be good if it could hold a mass amount of people. The airplane cannot hover, That it true, But the plane can easily drop down a trapeze net of some sort and fly back and forth while people jump on it. The chances of missing this trapeze net is slim to none as it is huge. This idea is the evolution of something great.

  • Yes it should.

    Not as a replacement for other ways of rescue, But as an extra. Trained helicopter pilots generally can land on a large boat if there's room for it, So it would help in saving more people. Some people to the aircraft, Others to the boats. It would also help in organizing the chaos that ensues when doom strikes.

  • If it's necessary to save a life

    Evacuation by aircraft (I would like to point out that a helicopter is considered aircraft) while it may be dangerous, It may also be the only option, In which case I would say, "go for it". If, However, There is a safer option, Then I believe that should be the choice.

  • No that is re tarded

    How would you land the airplane? Have it do a fly by and you jump on? Would need to have a seaplane but seaplanes are not made to rescue people and cannot go the distance most cruise ships go out to. Lifeboats are way better and much less dangerous. Dumb question

  • I think other boats are more effective overall

    You can store many many lifeboats on a cruise ship, Hard to do that with things like helicopters. They also can hold more people than a helicopter. Also much more cost effective than having a cruise ship purchase and store that many helicopters. And if you didnt want to store helicopters on the ship itself they would take too long to reach the sinking ship. A sinking ship like the one in the image would also produce an uneven surface for landing and takeoff for aircraft. Overall I think maybe one emergency helicopter and landing pad on a ship wouldn't hurt but it can't replace lifeboats.

  • It would be more problematic

    Boats at best could have a helicopter landing pad, But it needs to be flat and level. That guy makes a valid point.
    Helicopters can rescue small boats that are close to the coast but they cannot go in the middle of the sea and carry 100+ passengers.
    Lifeboats with small emergency distress beacons would be the best choice than fighting over a small helicopter that can only carry a few people.

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