• It was a very smart idea.

    The lack of health insurance in the United States was (and maybe still is) a national crisis. People were going bankrupt due to emergency bills. Requiring every citizen to be covered by health insurance was a smart idea. Better than that, it was grounded in common sense. Republicans got this one wrong.

  • Yes, I think it is smart to require citizens health insurance.

    Every human can be injured or stricken with disease at any time and without health insurance it is going to likely bankrupt them, I think requiring everyone to have health insurance is a very smart idea that people will complain about but it will end up saving many of those complainers from going bankrupt in the event of them needing to access health services.

  • Not when it costs

    Health insurance costs entirely too much for most low income families and even some middle class families. When health insurance costs more than a house or car payment, something is seriously wrong. It is unfair to require Americans to purchase health insurance that they can not afford. Instead of requiring insurance, another bill needs to be introduced that provides free health care for all.

  • Healthcare should not be required

    Health care should not be mandated by any government and when it is mandated, it takes freedom away from the citizens. This causes great harm to the nation because there will not be enough quality doctors that practice medicine. Costs will also go up for the tax payers that do get insurance.

  • How is it smart if they still can't afford the out of pocket?

    No I don't think we thought this out all the way before we made this law. The people involved in creating the rules for mandated health insurance are more at the affluent end of the spectrum. And contrary to their beliefs, life isn't the same down here at our financial end of the ladder. So while it seemed like a good idea to them, it has had a huge negative ripple effect on the working man or woman.

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