• It seems more encouraged, actually...

    From what I've seen, it's OBVIOUSLY acceptable to be gay. But it also seems to be encouraged. More often than not I've seen parents raise their kids "to like things both gender tend to like." For example, parents buy their son Barbies because "it shouldn't be strictly for girls" or some nonsense. There's a difference between allowing your son to grow up the way he wants and forcing your son to experience "both worlds."

  • Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot!

    I’ve argued this topic far too many times to post any new arguments here, so, instead I’ll ask anyone who disagrees with this question to formally challenge me to a debate. If you feel it is not acceptable to be gay in modern society, than please challenge me so we can hash it out. I’ll remain fairly civil, so long as you do, as well. If you feel that you are on the right side of the argument for thinking homosexuality should not be accepted by modern society, please challenge me! I repeat, please challenge me. You will find it’s not as simple as you think.

  • This is 2015

    Get over yourselves, just because someone is gay dosen't mean they are any different to anyone else! Just because someone likes the male sex instead of he female sex dosen't mean they should be put down or be not socialy accepted, this is modern world society and we are still stuck on this topic?

  • Its 2015, We are over this

    Its 2015 people. We put a man on the moon, but we still cant seem to comprehend that two guys in love is just something that happens and we need to accept that. If you cant handle it, than ask the supreme court. They seem to agree with me, and that's all I need

  • Gays are bad

    Gays like putting the genetalia into other bummies and no one wants a poopy pee pee and thats pretty gay, And My mommy said When you have a poopy pee pee your brain gets hurted a lot, and you like feeling other boys nuts and you go on the devil's side and I do not want that.

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