Is it socially acceptable to wear a non-white wedding dress while getting married?

Asked by: KaleBevilacqua
  • It's your wedding day

    First and foremost, traditions change, and you shouldn't feel like you need to follow a certain dress code on your wedding day! Your wedding day is to make you feel special. You do you on your wedding day, honestly. If your paying for it, then you can do whatever you want to do.

  • Up to date

    In former times women were virgins when getting married. Hopefully no girl or lady is so stupid to do this also today. If this is not tested before the marriage, it may end in a disaster. I am married 32 years and both had tested everything in front. White should be used for virgins only. My wife had a sky blue dress and wearing our daughter under her heart.

  • Of course it is socially acceptable!

    No question, this is acceptable! If someone wants a black wedding dress, so be it! It is your night on your wedding day, and you should be able to have any color scheme that pleases you. I understand that it is traditional to wear white, but if the bride decides that a different colored dress would make her happy, then she should be able to wear a different colored dress.

  • This topic is

    Rediculous to say that YOU cant wear any color but white on YOUR wedding day is obsurd and illogical... And if you know anything women are expected to wear white if they are virgins on their wedding night... Can you say liar I mean unless you are then more power to you but even then if YOU want to wear a different color on YOUR wedding day where does it say that you cant...

  • White is a pretty new tradition in the first place.

    Not to mention that 96% of Americans are not virgins on marriage- so what is the point of hemming and hawing over what color the bride is wearing? Women have only been married in white for the past hundred years or so, and only predominantly in the West (in Asia white is for funerals).

    I wore a red dress to my wedding, and no one but my father cared.

  • Many women do it already.

    And even then, they are not considered social outcasts. So it basically means it is accepted by society. Color does not mean much and is only symbolic and traditional.
    Women are socially allowed to wear any color at their wedding, and no one will be harmed bi this kind of choice. For what I know, you already can find any color you like to wear for your wedding.
    You should make the most of that day, as you only marry once in your life. That includes wearing your favorite color, to better remember your happiest day.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • If you are not going to have a white wedding there’s no point in having a wedding at all.

    What’s this? A coloured dress? Ridiculous and insulting to the bridegroom and his family. What next, Dunkin Donuts instead of a wedding cake? A Hyundai instead of a Rolls-Royce? Coca-Cola instead of champagne? Wedding reception in a backstreet pub instead of a posh hotel? Come on, if you are going to get married do it properly or don’t do it all.

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