• ITS factually and Scientificly WRONG to disagree with the statement.

    It actually CAUSES HARM to disagree with the statement: "Is it okay to force morality upon people? ".
    Scientific Morality is about CAUSING NO HARM.
    66. 6% Of the people live with their HEADS UP THEIR ASSES! REPENT OF your crimes or BE DAMNED by your OWN STUPIDITY.

  • This includes stopping murder etc.

    Every rule we want other people to follow is based on a moral belief. If we want people not to murder someone or step on someones rights in some other way then this is already a moral belief. Even in making everyone respect other peoples rights you are forcing your morals on them.

  • Moral mold who we are let them show.

    It is fine to push moral belief on others. If you find something moral wrong, let them know however you should not be trying to convince them they are wrong or bad. Moral believe is a fine line between your religious belief. It is okay to push morals but not religion.

  • Because faith comes from the heart and you can't change what the heart feels

    Forcing your beliefs on others is not acceptable its kind of like peer pressure forcing your belief can not be done because the person can't tell its heart what to and cant do the heart does what it thinks its best for. You were born an original and shouldn't die a COPY!

  • No, people should have the right to their own beliefs.

    No, it is not acceptable to force your moral beliefs onto other people. People should have the right to believe in what they want as long as they are not hurting anyone or disrupting the rights of other people. Modern society should allow for a variety of different belief systems as long as people can co-exist peacefully.

  • It is never acceptable to force your moral beliefs on others.

    It is never acceptable to force your moral beliefs on others. I feel that your religion should be your own and you should not try to make others believe what you believe. Everybody has their own views when it comes to religion and I do not think it should be discussed with others or forced on them.

  • No, you should not force your moral beliefs on others

    People should be allowed to make up their own minds as to moral beliefs. Forcing your moral beliefs on someone else rarely works effectively, and usually winds up with the other person turning even further away from the beliefs being forced upon him. It is good for people to be exposed to other ideas and learn about them, and it is not bad to discuss your beliefs with other people, but trying to force morality on someone does not often have the effect of causing them to change. A person has to want to accept a belief, not have it forced on them.

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