• Starbucks does have a right to take a stance on Israel.

    America was founded on freedom and the right to have certain beliefs. Starbucks is a privately owned corporation that has the right to have an opinion about any topic that it so chooses. Our country was founded on these rights and even though some may not agree with it, and they may even loose business over it, they may take their stance.

  • Just make coffee

    Its not their place, but they do have the right to. It would be better if they just stayed out of it and made coffee. When coffee becomes relevant to politics then it becomes their place to get involved with such matters. Also I agree with the previous comment the CEO is entitled to an opinion but it should not represent the whole company.

  • No, they are not the Government

    I feel that Starbucks should stick to what they are good at and that is serving coffee. I feel that too many businesses and people overstep their boundaries. It is up to the Government to create sanctions and do what is best for the Country not just each individual opinion.

  • No, it is not Starbucks's place to take a stance on Israel.

    Only the people in Israel know exactly what is happening, and though everyone should be supportive and try to help the victims of the battles being fought there, it is not the place of a coffee company as a whole to take a stance on such a huge international issue. The individual employees are well within their rights to take a stance.

  • No, it is not Starbucks's place to take a stance on Israel.

    No, Starbucks should not be taking a stance on a political topic such as Israel. Starbucks is a business and as such should not have an opinion regarding any political conflicts, especially those as complex and multifaceted as the current conflict occurring in Israel. The CEO of a company can make his or her opinion known, but it should in no way be an opinion of the entire company.

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