Is it still a good idea too invest in stocks?

Asked by: 19acolvin
  • The stock market is the base of our capitalist society.

    There is a reason everyone knows about Wall street. It's because it's one of the most important part of our economy (the stock market, not the street). The risk return ratio for stock investments are great, because the most you can lose is what you have invested, but there is no maximum return on investment you can have with stocks as the price of a share can go up exponentially. Companies that go public rely on the financing they will receive from investors. If they do not get such financing, they will have to cut jobs, and slow down growth. Companies are the backbone of the economy. If everyone stopped investing in stocks, there would for sure be a recession comparable, if not more important, than the great depression.

  • Yes, for sure its

    A good idea! Stocks is a great way to win money (and lose) but if you know how to manage it wisely you WILL be a successful guy. For instance, my grandfather is retired and he doesn't receive money from no one. He just knows how to handle stocks and that's how he earns a living.

  • No stocks are

    Not good to invest in now a days because the economic system is corrupt and useless. Maybe just maybe in a 10 year period you might gain in prophet or go up 20% and the year after that you would drop around 70%. What money are you making nothing that is why i believe that stocks are not a good thing to invest in.

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